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Lamelle Helase: How ASE sunscreen protection technology makes all the difference

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When it comes to skincare innovations, Lamelle Research Laboratories has always been a pioneer, but our cutting-edge Helase range has revolutionised sun protection as we know it. While many things give it the edge over any other sunscreen, its ASE technology allows it to offer so much more than just protection against the full spectrum of sunlight. Ready to unpack the Lamelle difference?

Photolyase – not your auntie’s algae

ASE technology is essentially Helase’s inclusion of two key enzymes, including photolyase, a naturally occurring protein with the ability to repair the DNA damage caused by UV radiation. Derived from a particular algae, it doesn’t just protect your skin from the havoc caused by unprotected sun exposure, it actively repairs the damage.

Sunlight, as great as it feels on your skin, is not your friend. The UV-B aspect not only suppresses your immune system but also mutates your skin cell’s DNA, ultimately leading to the formation of potentially lethal tumours. While all living organisms have repair mechanisms that can identify damaged bits of DNA as well as snip them out and replace them, some organisms – hello algae – are much, much better at it thanks to photolyase. This extraordinary enzyme has the ability to seek out any dimers (abnormal kinks in DNA) and swiftly correct them. 

A very different defence

ASE technology aside, both Helase 50+ and Helase Urban Defence 30 (which has the added benefit of reducing the negative effects of air pollution) are action-packed with antioxidants and can defend differently with two more weapons – TRPV1 inhibition and AHR inhibition.

TRPV1, despite sounding like a radio channel, is a receptor that regulates your skin’s temperature. It’s activated by sun exposure and, once triggered, has a negative effect on your skin’s collagen production while ramping up inflammation – the fast track to premature ageing and pigmentation.

As far as AHR goes, these are aryl hydrocarbon receptors – a “gene switch” in your cells – that can lower your skin’s immune system, increasing your risk of developing skin cancer. This is why our AHR inhibiting technology isn’t just a next-level sun protection “nice to have”, but a potentially life-saving must.

Make the switch

Ultimately, Lamelle’s Helase line hails an exciting new era in sun protection. It doesn’t just defend against sun damage but actively repairs damaged DNA. What other brand can offer you that? Maybe it’s time you made the switch and see how Lamelle does it differently for yourself. 

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