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Introducing Lamelle Helase Photo-Repair Tint 50

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The revolutionary sunscreen you adore is now available with a flattering tint!

Lamelle Research Laboratories, the leader in skincare innovation, is proud to unveil its latest game-changer – NEW Helase Photo-Repair Tint 50.

This revolutionary new addition to the bestselling Helase range seamlessly merges Lamelle’s next-level sunscreen technology with a medium-weight colour-correcting tint for unparalleled protection against all forms of harmful light while evening-out your complexion.

Four shades to flatter and perfect

Available in four highly blendable shades to suit a broad range of skin tones, Helase Photo-Repair Tint 50 can be used in place of foundation and sunscreen, making it an all-in-one solution to colour correction and full-spectrum protection. However, if you have a more pigmented skin type or simply prefer more coverage, you can easily wear it over your favourite foundation. Just be sure to apply it 10 minutes before heading outdoors to enjoy optimal sun protection.

Not your average sun protector

Unlike other sunscreens that only shield you from UVA and UVB rays, Helase Photo-Repair Tint 50 defends against the full spectrum of light. This includes UVC light that negatively affects your immune system; visible light that contributes to photo-ageing and DNA damage as well as Infrared A, B and C. The latter is the type of light that causes you to feel warm but also triggers premature ageing and pigmentation-encouraging inflammation.

Helase Photo-Repair Tint 50’s superstar actives include Pycnogenol, a potent antioxidant derived from French Maritime bark, to fend off cell-damaging free radicals and calm inflammation. It also contains TRPV1 and AHR inhibitors to negate the effects of immune suppression caused by exposure to early UVB, Infrared and UVC frequencies.

Lastly, Helase Photo-Repair Tint 50 doesn’t just protect – it also corrects thanks to a powerful DNA-repairing enzyme, photolyase. It has the unique ability to seek out and repair dangerous dimers (essentially “kinks” and breaks in your DNA) that if left unchecked could lead to the mutations that cause skin cancer.

If you’re looking for next-generation sun protection served up with a skin-tone flattering tint, you’re going to want Helase Photo-Repair Tint 50 in your make-up bag this summer. 

To learn more about Helase Photo-Repair Tint 50, visit

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  • Cathrine April 6, 2024 at 6:37 pm

    Oh my goodness I need the Helase Photo-Repair Tint 50 A all-in-one solution to colour correction and full-spectrum protection,looking good while outside and at the same time protected


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