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Introducing Designafriend- A world full of hopes, dreams, laughter and fun

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Everyone needs a friend to walk the runway with them, and in style! Design a friend too fit your style and match your beauty wherever you are. Use the three F’s ( Fashion, Fun & Friendship) To dress up your playtime. Not only can your child have the most fun but your parents can join in on your creative catwalk. 

Each doll comes with a friendship charm bracelet just for you. You can add charms to your bracelet by collecting their stylish outfits – a charm comes with each one. DesignaFriend invites children into a world full of hopes, dreams, laughter and fun. It celebrates childhood, encourages imaginative play and inspires children to be themselves.

The Designafriend range is certainly larger and of better quality than most dolls on the market. 

She has an entirely soft body and hard vinyl limbs that can be posed standing or sitting. They are easier to dress than smaller style dolls and have more hair which is easier to brush and style.  As a parent, I much prefer their more realistic proportions, and the fact that they tend to portray children as opposed to adults. 

Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, practically any reason for a gorgeous fashionista runway funday!

You can get one today when you click here so be sure to check it out.

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