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Introducing Climaplex™

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Climate change is no longer a foreign concept, and we can see the effects of it every day, mostly in the form of extreme weather and day-to-day environmental factors.

There is one effect of climate change that you might not see, but may definitely experience, and that is the effect it has on your hair and scalp. Simply put, our hair gets damaged by various environmental factors, including heat waves, UV rays, excessive humidity, drought, air pollution, acid rain, water pollution and static electricity – all of which are, in one way or another, by-products of climate change.

The damaged caused by these factors may include split ends, dryness and dehydration, frizzy hair, brittle hair, limp hair, scalp discomfort, excess sebum, hair colour fading and more – the list is seemingly endless.

But that may be a thing of the past thanks to Climaplex™, a 100% sustainable hair care brand designed to fight the damage climate change has on the hair. Climaplex™ is based on a multi-plex additive that is scientifically formulated to protect and repair the hair from the damaging effects of climate change.

Simon Ostler, the founder of Climaplex™ project, is an industry veteran with 40 years’ experience, having started his career as a stylist for the world renowned hairdressing group, Toni & Guy.

“Having worked in the professional haircare industry for almost 40 years as a hairdresser, salon owner, commercial manager and manufacturer, I have never seen such challenging problems for the hair and scalp. Climate change is having an adverse effect on both on a global scale. Through our close working relationship with professional hair stylists and salons we all agree there have been dramatic changes in both hair and scalp condition. The changes result in extreme difficulties for consumers when managing their hair. This is why we have launched a brand-new category in haircare – a range that targets the impact of climate change on the hair, using the very latest clinically approved technology,” says Simon.

How does Climaplex™ work?

The brand’s proprietary Climaplex Technology reconstructs broken disulfide bonds and rebuilds the outer layer of the cuticle to maintain hydration and hair structure after color, heat and chemical treatments.

Climaplex™ offers a complete line to repair and protect all hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, coily and textured.

The full range is vegan-, cruelty-, paraben, and SLE/SLS-free, made with 97% natural ingredients, and dermatologically tested with bottles made from recycled and recyclable plastic.

The range consists of:

Climaplex™ Clarifying & Purifying Shampoo

A clinically-proven shampoo with a high-potency purifying action on the hair and scalp against sebum, build-up of products and pollutants, such as toxic heavy metals. This unique formula enhances hair colour protection, and its intensity, leaving the hair shiny, soft, silky and with greater volume from the roots to the ends.

Climaplex™ Moisture & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Clinically proven shampoo and conditioner that protect the hair and scalp from the elements and pollutants, while effectively cleansing, conditioning, hydrating, repairing, and restructuring the hair from the roots to the ends without weighing down the hair, thanks to its lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy formula. They add shine and softness, give a gloss effect and ease detangling and hair control.

Climaplex™ Strength & Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Clinically proven shampoo and conditioner that protect the hair and scalp from the elements and pollutants, while effectively cleansing, conditioning, volumizing, repairing, strengthening, hydrating, and smoothing the cuticles from the roots to the ends. It is suitable for all hair types and textures, and gives extreme shine, a gloss effect, softness, and eases detangling and control.

Climaplex™ Anti-Frizz Protector Cream

Clinically proven lightweight formula that protects the hair from excessive humidity, heat, and UV rays, while reducing the electrostatic effect and frizziness, but without weighing down the hair. It also enhances the hair from the inside out for greater vitality, while conditioning and giving extra shine for greater detangling and control.

Climaplex™ Curl Defining Cream

Clinically proven light-weight leave-in formula that protects curls, ringlets and waves damaged by the elements and pollution, without weighing down the hair. It highly hydrates, deeply nourishes, and strengthens from the roots to the ends, while smoothing the cuticles, for healthy, defined, controlled, bouncy and frizz-free curls.

Climaplex™ Multi Benefit Styling Spray

A multi-action leave-in formula that protects the hair from excessive humidity and heat, while strengthening from the roots to the ends for healthy frizz-free hair. This extraordinary light-weight formula also conditions, nourishes, volumizes, smooths, and gives extra shine to the hair for greater detangling and control. There isn’t much this must-have product won’t do!

Climaplex™ Ultra Protection Leave-In Mist

Clinically proven leave-in liquid spray ideal to complete the Climaplex™ protecting and repairing beauty routine against damages caused by the effects of climate change. Its beneficial naturally derived ingredients and its acid pH level, create an ultimate protection shielding the cuticles against heat, humidity, and pollutants. It also repairs the hair shaft from the inside out for greater vitality. This product can be applied to all hair types, leaving the hair soft, smooth and shiny, for a totally healthy protected look!

Climate change is the problem. Climaplex™ is the solution.

Climaplex™ products are available exclusively at selected Clicks stores nationwide.

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