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INTERSTELLAR ELLA – Weightless Wonders

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In the year 3021, on a space station somewhere between Mars and Jupiter in the Milky Way, 8-year-old Ella Ryder sets out with her friends on exciting adventures of discovery. And because they are in space, there’s lots to experience and even more to explore! 

This month, the team encounters solar flares, huge moon craters, spectacular giant red stars and crashes on a trip to a rogue planet! Slippy tries to hide his inventions away on the dark side of Mercury, Ella’s Dad tries to fix Glitch’s arms and the gang play a star-riddle game that’s a tradition in Slippy’s family.   

📺 Premiere: Monday, 18 September @ 15:10 CAT
Tune in: Mondays – Fridays @ 15:10 CAT
Also available on DStv Catch Up

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