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Top 5 health tips for a holiday that won’t cramp your style

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Candice Chirwa is an author, gender activist, and thought leader affectionately known as the Minister of Menstruation due to the incredible work she has done around period poverty and educating girls about period hygiene. Since 2021 she has helped the Salome range by participating in their campaigns aimed at removing the stigma attached to menstruation. Together with Salome, Candice shares her top tips to get you ready for a stress-free holiday that won’t cramp your style. 


  1. Period fatigue is real – so rest 

I would highly recommend that you get your rest in. Year-end fatigue is real and so is period fatigue, and it is important to not skip out on any form of rest especially during the holiday season. Make it your goal to get eight to nine hours of sleep throughout the holiday season.

  1. Heavy menstrual bleeders, we’ve got you too!

Everyone has different methods of handling period pain. For some, it’s using hot water bottles and applying it directly to their abdomen, for others it’s exercising that helps reduce menstrual cramping. I do suggest that menstruators opt for comfort during this season. Avoid wearing tight clothing and instead choose to wear loose clothes during the summer. For heavy menstrual bleeders, I’d also recommend using period products that last for 12 hours such as night time pads, menstrual cups, period underwear and tampons.

  1. Busting a holiday myth – period

One myth that some people still believe in is that you shouldn’t swim when having your period. I believe in the exact opposite and would highly recommend going for a gentle exercise, like swimming, to keep you cool and to release endorphins which is nature’s own pain reliever. If you’d like something more intense and a cardio burner to help manage period pain, a hike is a sure way to manage the pain and keep your PMS mood swings away. Any low-stress exercise such as dancing and yoga stretches can make you and your body feel happier.

  1. Be careful of what you are eating

Stay away from foods that can cause bloating such as dairy and foods that contain a lot of sodium. It can be difficult to make healthy choices when braai food and sugar treats are in readily available during the festive season. However, when it comes to your period it is a good time to remain hydrated. 

  1. Go for herbal extract solutions

There are definitely benefits to using herbal based medicine that relieves menstrual cramps. A particular pro, is that ranges like the Salome range have minimal side effects that can impede on your daily holiday activities. I also find using natural treatment options to be a healthier route that is unlikely to lead to gastric issues.

The Salome range, launched in 2020 by South African pharmaceutical company 3Sixty Biomedicine, addresses common women’s health issues. In 2022 Salome expanded its herbal extract based range to include products that assist with managing symptoms commonly associated with menopause and for the relief of minor symptoms in the days before menstruation (premenstrual syndrome). Now the current product range based on herbal extracts offers over the counter treatment options that help manage heavy menstrual bleeding, menstrual pain, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and infertility linked to PCOS. 

The full Salome range that contains natural ingredients is available online at and, as well as over the counter at most pharmacies nationwide. For more information about the Salome range, go to or connect on social media:

Facebook: Salome Range

Twitter: SalomeRange

Instagram: SalomeRange 

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