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The oral care trends dentists are most excited about – from smart toothbrushes to AI

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Dive into the 2024 oral care trends that dentists are most excited about – from smart toothbrushes to AI and innovative designs 🚀 ✨.

If looking and feeling fantastic is high on your agenda, then good oral health is non-negotiable and exciting innovations are making it easier today than ever before. 

We chatted with dental professionals to discover the hottest contemporary oral care trends. Here’s what we found:

Brushes get smart

The advent of smart toothbrushes, like the Oclean X Pro Digital (recently launched in SA), marks a significant shift in personal oral care. Designed with colour screens and built-in sensors, these intelligent brushes evaluate brushing technique, offering insights into duration, pressure and any overlooked areas. Most smart brushes conveniently connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth, while the very latest harness Wi-Fi. 

According to Dirna Grobbelaar, Ivohealth’s Oral Hygiene Advisor, smart toothbrushes enable patients to improve their brushing technique and elevate their oral care routine. “While smart brushes can’t physically improve your brushing, they motivate and encourage you to achieve better oral hygiene and let you know when you are doing it incorrectly.” 

And smart toothbrushes can go beyond just brushing; some are equipped with tongue cleaners or other features. The cutting-edge Oclean X Ultra even gives a daily weather forecast on its colour touch screen!

The AI transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making significant inroads in most areas of life. At the recent Global Symposium on AI and Dentistry, William Giannobile, Dean of Harvard School of Dental Medicine, highlighted AI’s potential to revolutionise oral healthcare. Dentists are increasingly using AI to diagnose diseases and develop treatment plans. 

AI is also being integrated into at-home oral care tools. The Oclean X Ultra, for instance, employs AI-powered voice guidance and bone conduction soundwave technology to function as a personal oral care coach, telling you how to improve angle, speed and pressure as you brush. 

Design trends

The fundamental shape of the toothbrush has been unchanged for centuries. Now, technology is driving a renaissance with innovative designs like Balene, a toothbrush with a double-sided, rotating head that cleans the inside and the outside of the teeth, at the same time. “Balene is a breakthrough for motor-impaired patients who struggle to brush correctly. In practice, we often see plaque build-up and decay where people have lost their motor ability. Balene is the ideal solution; it brushes the inside, outside and chewing surfaces of the teeth at the same time,” enthuses dentist Dr Stephné Fenwick, Ivohealth’s clinical advisor. 

Materials are also evolving. Instead of traditional nylon, Balene features antibacterial Tyflex® bristles which last twice as long. Oclean opts for polished TPEE which is soft, flexible and more hygienic than nylon because it dries quicker.

In-between and personal

People increasingly demand personalised products and services that address their specific problems, tastes and lifestyles. It’s the new norm in oral care, evident from the vast array of products on shelves.

Interdental care, once synonymous with floss, now includes multiple options to clean between the teeth; from soft rubber toothpicks like GUM Soft-Picks to compact interdental brushes and rechargeable oral irrigators. For a smart solution, the Oclean W1 Smart Oral Irrigator connects to your smartphone, providing immediate feedback on any missed areas. 

Oral care for a healthier future

Beyond aesthetics and fresh breath, good oral health profoundly impacts overall well-being. Poor oral health has recognised links with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular events (stroke and heart attacks), cancer and even adverse pregnancy outcomes. Taking good care of your mouth is a daily self-care habit that impacts your entire body. 

With innovative, effective tools at your disposal, you can choose how you want to take charge of your oral health and embark on a healthier lifestyle. 

For professional advice, consult your dentist, or explore for expert how-to guides on common oral health issues and the latest product news. 


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