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Beyond the Classroom: Dibber’s Seed-to Spoon Philosophy Fosters Healthy Habits

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Dibber International Preschools is  a leader in early childhood education based on the Nordic model and international standards. Ursula Assis, Country Director of Dibber International Preschools, emphasises the importance of early childhood development and literacy in shaping the futures of young learners.

“At Dibber, we believe that a well-rounded education begins with the basics, which includes literacy and cognitive skills and well rounded  practices like mindful eating,” says Assis.

The Importance of Mindful Eating in Early Education

Mindful eating is a practice that involves being fully attentive to one’s food and using all senses to enjoy and appreciate meals. At Dibber, cultivating this habit in young children can significantly improve their lifelong health and well-being. Assis notes, “By teaching children to engage with their food mindfully, we are helping them to develop healthy eating habits that will serve them well throughout their lives.”

The Dibber Meal Concept, focuses on nutritious, seed-to-spoon meals that are integral to our educational approach. “Nutrition is as vital to a child’s development as any academic subject,” Assis states. “Our meal concept is designed to nurture not just the body but also the mind, making every meal an opportunity for learning and growth.”

Activities and Benefits for Attendees

Mindful eating and its benefits for children, include:

  • Enhancing sensory experiences and appreciation for food.
  • Recognising hunger cues to prevent overeating.
  • Promoting better digestion through thorough chewing.

“Understanding and nurturing the connection between body and mind from an early age is crucial,” concludes Assis. 

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