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Your favourite cartoons get into  some of their most loved-up adventures in a special Valentine’s Day block!

In Zig & Sharko, Marina loses the little starfish she wears in her hair. Bernie falls madly in love with the  creature and he will do anything to keep his sweetheart only for himself.  Mr Bean invites his girlfriend, Irma , to Teddy’s birthday party – but she’s not happy when Bean doesn’t play fair in the party games.

In Masha and the Bear, the Bear builds a tennis court to impress the tennis-loving female bear, but the Himalayan Bear spoils the plan. In  Thomas & Friends: All Engine Go,  Percy is loaded with gifts on Valentine’s Day, but when disaster strikes, he learns that the feelings behind giving  is  more important than the gifts themselves.

Romance is in the air on Cocomelon – and JJ’s mom and dad have planned a romantic candlelight dinner! On Lu & the Bally Bunch, Barnaby is in the mood for hugs, but not all his friends are. Leave it to the Looney Tunes to show how crazy love can be – Porky is sweet on Petunia, but Daffy is sweet on Porky’s sweets. Meanwhile, an ape has an even bigger crush on Bugs Bunny.

Tune in: Wednesday, 14 February @ 16:00-20:00 CAT

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