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Follow these simple tips to get better results from your dry shampoo

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Dry shampoo is the life-saving beauty product everyone needs in their bathroom. Overslept? Last minute invitation? Short-notice date? No matter what the occasion, dry shampoo is there to freshen your roots when you don’t have the time (or don’t feel like) washing your hair.
Like all beauty products, dry shampoo has not yet converted everyone – and with good reason. Does your dry shampoo leave your hair looking dull, greasy or covered in a white residue? You’re probably using it incorrectly! While dry shampoo is a relatively simple product to use, it needs to be used in a particular way to ensure you get the best results.
When used incorrectly, it won’t live up to its promises, but when used correctly, it’s a game-changer. There are a few simple rules to stick to – follow them and enjoy fresh roots at a moment’s notice:

Shake before use

This may seem like an insignificant detail, but always give the bottle of dry shampoo a good shake before using it. The movement ensures that the product’s formula is evenly distributed inside of the bottle, allowing it to be evenly distributed on the scalp.

Work in sections

One of the biggest mistakes people make when using dry shampoo is to hold the bottle above their head and to start spraying vigorously all over. Instead, part your hair into sections and work bit by bit. Start at the oiliest part of your hair and apply dry shampoo to each section, moving horizontally. This allows you to apply more product to areas that are very oily, and less product to areas that aren’t.

Don’t over do it

Start conservatively – dry shampoo is buildable, and it’s easier to apply more if needed than it is to remove too much product.

Keep your distance

If you hold the bottle too close to your roots, the dry shampoo will leave a residue on your scalp that’s difficult to remove. Try to hold the bottle about 30cm (roughly a ruler’s length) from your roots when spraying.

Give it a few minutes

Yes, dry shampoo works almost instantly, but to reap the best results, it’s important to let it sit on the hair for a couple of minutes before you massage it in. Two or three minutes after applying, use your hands to massage the product into your scalp and roots – this helps to activate the ingredients that soak up oil.

Remove too much product

Sprayed a bit much? Use a comb and gently comb the product through your hair from root to tip to disperse the build-up.

Choose the right dry shampoo

Quality reigns supreme when it comes to choosing a dry shampoo that works. Leading UK dry shampoo brand, COLAB, offers an extensive range of dry shampoos to suit all preferences.
Some women avoid dry shampoo because they’re worried about a white residue or product build-up. COLAB’s signature formula is totally weightless, using tiny particles to absorb excess grease and oil from the scalp. Because less product is sprayed onto the hair, COLAB dry shampoo goes to work invisibly, leaving absolutely no white residue (not even on dark hair!). Hair is refreshed and revived instantly without the hair’s natural body and bounce being compromised
COLAB is proud to be totally cruelty-free, against animal testing and a vegan-friendly product. In recognition of this commitment, their parent company SLG are proud to have been awarded accreditation as a “cruelty-free brand” from PETA – the largest animal rights group in the world.
COLAB Dry Shampoo is available in a wide range of different scents and variants, with something to suit every preference. Original offers a gorgeous fragrance comprising feminine notes of bergamot, rose and musk. Dreamerfeatures the most beautiful delicate fragrance notes of cotton and musk. If tropical fragrances are the way to your heart, then you’ll love Paradise, which is filled with the scent of tiare flower and coconut.
For a product that goes to work overnight, try COLAB Dry Shampoo Overnight Review, which works while you sleep to renew, refresh and care for your hair and scalp. With notes of amber and tonka – plus eucalyptus and lavender essential oils – this soft, calming scent will leaves hair smelling incredible so you can wake up to dreamy, revitalised strands.
Worried about odour? Try COLAB Dry Shampoo Refresh and Protect. It offers long-lasting oil absorption, helps protect against UV and pollution and leaves hair with a clean, fresh scent. It makes use of AromaGuard™ technology to cleverly neutralise any odours.
COLAB products are available at Clicks stores and online at Exclusive to Clicks.

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