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Educ8 SA has been around for 6 years now and has thousands of students…all learning on a fantastic platform.

The curriculum is easy to navigate, user-friendly and comes at an affordable price.

We have a tried and tested curriculum that we are very proud of.

We believe that a good beginning never ends!

And you can start any time.

If you are reading today, need a change and something that’s just easier for your kids, you have found us today and we are here to assist.

Start your Individualized Learning Program today!

We offer 26 different subject components from Preschool to Gr. 12.

If your kids are struggling and have learning Gaps? Not a problem for us, our program is remedial, and we will find and fix the missing learning gaps!

Can this curriculum be used as a full curriculum?

Yes, it can.

We cover grade levels preschool to grade 8 and American high school diploma, grades 9 to 12. We also have GED, which is equivalent to Grade 12. The program is designed to cover skills instead of outcomes, therefore it can be used alongside any curriculum and used as a full curriculum or as  supplementary to any other curriculum.

It’s a 100% Integrated Curriculum

This is the ONLY completely integrated curriculum covering:

Math – Fact Fluency – Number Sense – Reading Stories – Reading Skills Literature

Reading Skills Informational – Science – Social Studies – Phonics – Letter Names

Letter Sounds – Phonics Blending – Phonics Spelling – Early Reading Trio – Sight Words

Foundational Reading – Spelling Rules – Language/Grammar – Vocabulary – Spelling List

Writing Workshop – Early Writing – Writing Assignments

Key Features:

Touch Curriculum

Thousands of manipulatives designed for greater engagement and deeper learning

Personalized Learning

Individualized Education Plan for each student

Built-in Engagement

Badges, Games, Contests, Messenger, Vibes, Daily Challenges, Daily Comics and more.

Find and Fix

Identify and fix learning gaps

Proven 2X Results

The curriculum sets the standard for effectiveness

All Subjects

26 subjects from Math to Science to Early Reading to Phonics

Complete Solution

Progress Monitoring, Diagnostic Tests, Assessments, Daily

Goals, IEP, Adaptive Lessons, and Test Prep

Our subjects:


It’s a revolutionary way to teach science!

  • Manipulatives engage students and teach cognitive skills.
  • Students learn science while practising essential STEM skills.
  • Mastery is tracked with quizzes and chapter tests.

Social studies

Teaching Social Studies will never be the same.

  • Engaging lessons cover geography,  economics, government, history, and  essential social studies skills and practices.
  • Enhanced motivation features hook students in social studies



Algorithms are used to find and fix missing skills with targeted lessons that include “Teach Me” Lessons, interactive manipulatives, and targeted practice.

Math Students increase an average of 1.5 grade levels with just 40 hours of practice.

And many more…

Contact us today!

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