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Educ8 SA has been around for 7 years now and has thousands of students…all learning on a fantastic platform. 

The curriculum is easy to navigate, user-friendly and comes at an affordable price.

We have a tried and tested curriculum that we are very proud of. 

We believe that a good beginning never ends!

And you can start any time with us. 

What we offer learners:

Start your Individualized Learning Program today!

We offer 26 different subject components from Preschool to Gr. 12.

If your kids are struggling and have learning Gaps? Not a problem for us, our program is remedial, and we will find and fix the missing learning gaps!

Grade levels pre-school – Gr. 8: R450 per month

GED: Grade 12 equivalent R500 per month

General Education Development 

American High School Diploma (Gr. 9 – 12): R1800 per month

Our fees start at just R450.

Let’s talk about our essential learning program.

Our program is one of those programs that you log onto and learning is simple and easy to navigate. Kids can log on and complete work at any time and work  according to their pace. Making it easy to complete more than a grade level a year.

Furthermore, our extra features…

Parent Support:  Parents can log in anytime to view their child’s progress from the parent portal and see how their kids are doing and this helps with advising  which subjects to complete and which to focus on more.

Student Support:  Our Student Managers are on duty from 8 am to 4 pm and are always available to help should a student contact them via their messenger for assistance.

Please can you share some more information on the High School Options that you have available to students?

When looking at our GED learning path.

So once you finish your schooling from grade level 1 to grade 8, you will then be off to high school and this is when the GED comes in.

  • It’s a high school Grade 12 equivalent
  • Recognised by SAQA NQF 4
  • Self-paced
  • R500
  • You can schedule exams once the pre-readiness testing has found students to be exam-ready
  • Exams are written at any Boston College

American high school diploma

It is recognised at our universities, we just had 5 of our students accepted at different universities in South Africa.

  • This program has been used by millions
  • The online curriculum is taught by master teachers
  • We offer year-round enrolment, so you can join any time
  • Our curriculum covers all core subjects
  • Our program allows students to graduate from an accredited online school

And many more benefits…

It is already March. Can students register at any time during the year?

Yes you can register any time of the year and kids can work according to their own pace, so if they feel like completing more than one level a year, they can.

We are ready for new registrations.

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