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Dress up for Adventure this Winter with Ackermans

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In South Africa, children’s character fashion for ages 2-10 is a vibrant and dynamic segment of the fashion industry, reflecting a blend of global trends and local influences. These outfits not only allow children to showcase their favourite characters but also enable them to express their personalities and interests through their fashion choices. DC and Marvel clothing remains a firm favourite, with spikes in sales occurring especially when there are new movie releases. Other character apparel also performs well during holiday seasons and special events.

“Trends indicate that character clothing is a catalyst for pretend play, enabling children to embody their favourite characters and explore various roles, social interactions, and creativity. As the character destination shop, we value this connection,” says Tsholofelo Molefe, Buyer at Ackermans.

This connection between character clothing and pretend play is further emphasised by the role toys play in children’s development, as highlighted in the recent Children Connected Toys Market Report which indicates that the market caters to different age groups with toys that align with their developmental stages. Children aged 2-5 years are attracted to toys that promote sensory development and basic learning skills. Meanwhile, the 6-8 years age group prefers toys that encourage creative problem-solving and imaginative play. For children aged 9-12 years, educational and interactive toys that challenge their cognitive skills are popular. These findings highlight the importance of catering to children’s developmental stages and interests in the context of character clothing.

Beyond clothing, children’s imaginative play often extends to accessories, which they use to enrich their play experiences. For example, a child wearing a superhero costume may pretend to have superpowers and go on exciting adventures, while a child wearing a princess dress may pretend to be royalty and embark on magical quests. Accessories like handbags, scarfs, beanies and water bottles become integral parts of these imaginative scenarios, allowing children to individualise their play.

Functional wear is a significant part of children’s apparel sales, and most moms choose Ackermans as they prioritise durability, practicality, and quality in their kids’ clothing choices.

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