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Must-have hair accessories for the summer season

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A collection of good quality hair accessories and tools can take your hairstyling process from drab to fab, and more importantly, preserve the health of your hair. The simple act of sleeping with a satin bonnet or using a good quality hairbrush can transform your hair, keeping it healthier, hydrated and in better shape.

When shopping for hair accessories, choose trusted brands that make their products from high quality materials. Not only will your accessories last longer, but they will likely also be better for your hair.

While hair accessories are important all year round, there are a few that are particularly helpful during summer. Here’s our roundup of the must-have hair accessories for the warmer months.


If you enjoy swimming (either in the ocean or in a pool), you may experience knots and tangles in summer. That’s because chlorine and salt penetrate the hair, leading to build-up and a sticky texture – the perfect combo for a tangle! If you live in a windy area, your hair may also get tangled from spending time outdoors while the wind is blowing.

Invest in a good quality detangling brush like Cantu Thick Detangle Brush Accessory (R149.95). This detangling brush has been modified to easily glide through thick and curly hair. Rows of bristles are missing to minimize breakage and snagging during the detangling process, and it features a rubber base to help define curls and a non-slip grip for a stronger hold. To use, divide hair into sections. Start from the bottom and slowly work your way to the root. Repeat in each section. Never start detangling from the root down as this may cause breakage.

Do you like combing conditioner through your hair in the shower? Then the Wetbrush Shower Detangler (R184.99) is just for you. It combines the best in convenience and efficacy with a shower hook handle, and IntelliFlex bristles that glide through hair, detangling it, and evenly distributing conditioning treatments.


Do you find your edges need a little more work when it’s hot outside? That’s not surprising, considering the increase in humidity (which can make hair more unruly) and the increase in sweat along the hairline. Evolve Triple Edge Styler (R129.95) is a must-have for laying your edges. This 3-in-1 pure boar brush can be used for smoothing and styling edges or sleek hairdo’s, the fine tooth comb can be used for shaping edges and the rat tail can be used to part your hair. Plus, it’s light and flat in shape, meaning it can fit in your handbag, so you always have it at your disposal!

Protect your hair and preserve its moisture

There’s a lot of talk about the benefits of sleeping on a satin pillowcase, but did you know that it’s also beneficial to sleep with a satin bonnet or scarf over your hair? Satin is the perfect material to protect hair as it does not create friction or draw out and absorb moisture from your hair (which some fabrics like cotton are known to do). Plus, it helps with length retention and protects against split ends. Because hair can get very dehydrated during summer, we recommend going to sleep with a satin bonnet, cap or scarf every night.

Cantu Satin Scarf – Solid Maroon (R145.95) is made from super soft satin to minimize breakage, snags, and dryness, this is the ideal hair accessory for natural hair. Extra-large in size and extra gentle in texture, you can wrap it around your hair at night to retain moisture or you can rock a fashionable head wrap by tying it around your hair and knotting it in the back or on top. Breathable and soft, be gentle to your edges and curls with a sleep scarf made to fit your needs.

If you prefer a bonnet style, try Evolve Satin Wide Edge Bonnet in Purple (R159.99). Featuring a fitted “edge” band to keep edges smooth and secure at night, this satin bonnet protects natural and relaxed styles, roller sets and braids.

Brushing on-the-go

We spend a lot of time out-and-about during summer, and you may find that you need to give your hair a good brush more than once a day. Find a brush suitable for your specific needs (yes, different brushes have different benefits!)

Love wearing your hair up? Cantu Up Do Natural Bristle Brush (R119.95) is a narrow boar bristle brush that easily smoothes hair into an updo. It is designed with firm natural bristles to help sleek hair and distribute natural oils from the scalp for an enhanced shine.

Don’t want to leave the house with wet hair? Wetbrush Speed Dry Brush (R219.99) has a special vented design to allow moisture to escape while blow drying it, ensuring your hair dries faster without drying out. HeatFlex bristles are heat-resistant, preventing transfer and damage.

Looking to increase your hair’s shine? Or are you an avid user of dry shampoo? Then you’ll love Wetbrush Shine Enhancer Brush (R219.99), which detangles while encouraging shine. It does so via natural boar bristles, with IntelliFlex, which distribute natural oils evenly through hair for a shiny finish. Perfect for use with dry shampoo.

Feeling inspired? Enjoy a healthy hair summer with these handy hair accessories.

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