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Introducing Lamelle Luminesce Rich

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A luxurious pigmentation-inhibiting powerhouse offering superior skin barrier support

Since its creation, Luminesce by Lamelle has been leading the way in multi-pathway melanogenesis inhibition. In short, it’s our most advanced hyperpigmentation program and now boasts a bright new star – Lamelle Luminesce Rich (R1150).

Luminesce Rich is a luxuriously textured pigmentation-inhibiting powerhouse that supports skin barrier function, making it ideal for anyone with a drier skin type wanting to enjoy a more even, radiant-looking complexion and manage pigment irregularities in their skin.

A bright new world of benefits

Luminesce Rich is so much more than just an “extra moisturising” version of our bestselling Brighter Day – although you’ll appreciate how our indulgent new emollients impart a plush, cushion-like effect. However, unlike Luminesce Brighter Day, Luminesce Rich contains our patented skin barrier repair superhero, Ceramide-P. From the very first application, it gets to work creating a multi-layered lipid structure that mimics healthy human skin to repair your skin’s barrier function while soothing and sealing to ensure your newfound hydration stays put.

Luminesce Rich also contains no less than 7 highly effective melanogenesis inhibitors. These include cutting-edge anti-inflammatory amino acids, proven plant extracts, brightening vitamins and innovative Growth Factor-derived brightening peptides, super soothing dexpanthenol and novel genetic modulators. (Don’t worry, we’re not changing your DNA, we’re just activating lazy genes responsible for pigmentation overproduction!)

Meet our new A-Team

Luminesce Rich still benefits from our hardworking peptide complex that hinders the multiple pathways that lead to an excess of melanin production – but now it’s supported by NEW Nonapeptide-1. Aside from inhibiting the production of melanin, Nonapeptide-1 has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect (and we all know inflammation can trigger hyperpigmentation) and even stimulates the production of your skin’s natural hydrating factors.

Luminesce Rich also includes an extremely effective and rapidly-acting amino acid, Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine. It acts as a Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) antagonist, meaning that it hinders the formation of pigmentation by preventing MSH from binding to a particular receptor and kicking off a chain of events that lead to an overproduction of melanin.

As Lamelle Rich doesn’t contain a retinoid, it can be used twice a day and in combination with any of our correctives serums. As Ceramide-P is a highly effective delivery system, it will improve the absorption and efficacy of any serum.

Here’s to a brighter future with Luminesce Rich

If you’re wanting unparalleled pigmentation inhibition to create a more luminous-looking complexion AND enhance your skin’s barrier system, NEW Lamelle Luminesce Rich is your ultimate powerhouse.

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