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Brand-new Series to Premiere on Monday, 22 January

Hold onto your capes, folks! The Hero Inside adventure begins on Monday, 22 January @ 17:15 CAT!

What happens when comic book heroes come to life? You get the hilarious rollercoaster ride that is Hero Inside—the latest action-packed comedy series premiering on Cartoon Network Africa!

Picture this: Cartoonist Scott vanishes into thin air, leaving behind only a treasure trove of his hand-drawn comic books. The twist? These aren’t just any comic books; they’re portals to a world of uproarious heroics!

Enter 13-year-old daydreamer Mike and his eclectic crew of friends, who stumble upon Scott’s scattered comics in the bustling city of San Francisco. The fun starts when Mike, engrossed in the pages of ‘Crying Man’, decides to shout the hero’s name aloud. Lo and behold, Crying Man bursts out of the comic, and that’s just the beginning of the great adventures!

Across the city, Scott’s comic book Heroes materialises at the beck and call of their newfound owners, unleashing a whirlwind of peculiar events. From farm work to household chores and even a bit of light-hearted thievery and fisticuffs, these heroes redefine what it means to save the day.

Hero Inside introduces a crew of refreshingly unique, imperfect, and downright human heroes. Will you come to love these extraordinary yet flawed champions?

Join Mike, his sidekick Nick, crush Lucy, and comic connoisseur Dirk O as they navigate the uproar caused by these living heroes. Each episode peels back the layers of the mystery behind Scott’s vanishing act and the origins of these not-so-average heroes.

Watch Hero Inside on Mondays to Fridays @ 17:15 CAT starting on Monday, 22 January, only on Cartoon Network Africa!

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