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10 Reasons to Consider Essential Oil Skincare this Summer & Beyond

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Our skin is not only our protection against the harsh outside elements, but also our personal canvas of life revealing our unique features and delivering our personal brand of beauty to the world which requires we care, nurture, and enhance its natural boundaries made up of our skin’s many soft layers of tissue.

With the trend away from a chemical, scientific formulations, the demand for natural plant-based products shines a spotlight on how to prep our skin naturally for the summer season with the fusion of essential oil as a natural elixir for skincare beauty that penetrates skin-deep to awaken your natural beauty.

We are all aware of the need for sun protection to prevent the effects of ageing when we are out and about in the sun; thankfully essential oil elixirs have a way of getting under your skin, figuratively as well as literally, carrying a special intuitive intelligence that promotes health and balance as they are deeply absorbed into the dermis for rewarding results, improving your complexion and providing a gentle, sensory skincare experience that is suitable for all skin types in South Africa.

Welcome to the top ten summer skincare superstars to keep your skin soft, ageless, and beautified while at work or play:


With a tiny molecular structure, essential oils penetrate deeply into the skin and interact with your whole body’s chemistry, conditioning mature skins, encouraging cell regeneration, and improving skin elasticity.

The Elixir Fusion Platinum Luminescence – Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil R185 (10ml) R467 (25ml) is made from a 100% pure blend of oils, with no preservatives or mineral oils present, providing a delicate blend of key ingredients which are easily absorbed by the skin:

Organic Baobab: an excellent moisturizer with fast easy absorption which prevents free radical damage and is high in omega fatty acid 3, 6 and 9, offering anti-inflammatory benefits.

Pure Carrot Seed: a regenerating elixir
Lemon: treats beneath the skin and stimulates cell growth

Palma Rosa: for balance and cell regrowth and,

Patchouli: to soften rough skin and heal scarring and condition mature skins balancing and reducing pigmentation in all skin types.

Apply this anti-ageing treatment after cleansing or to isolated areas where blemishes and pigmentation need attention. It can also be applied under a day moisturiser as an additional skin booster.


Essential oils release their own natural fragrance against your skin, working on the outside and the inside for both physical and emotional upliftment, helping you to love your skin with affordable quality from nature.

Perfect to keep in your beach bag this Summer, the Elixir Fusion Equalising Toner Spray R160 (250ml)
doubles up as a hydrating facial mist. This alcohol-free Equalising Toner provides a non-aggressive astringent action which does not strip your skin. It has been formulated to remove residue left after cleansing, stimulate circulation, reduce oiliness as well as refine open pores and balance your skin’s ph.

Supporting the penetration of moisturiser into the skin, it’s spritz top allows for easy application and delivers a cooling effect on the skin.


Simply amazing as a deeply hydrating mask or overnight treatment, the Elixir Fusion Derma Gel Cream R325 (50ml) is super effective on inflamed, irritated or sensitive skins, as well as sunburn.
It hydrates, balances, and soothes the effects of sun parched summer skin, leaving a glowing complexion in its place. It is a versatile treatment cream that can be used on all skin types and can be doubled up as a weekly mask treatment or alternatively as a day or a night moisturiser.


Summer is a wonderful outdoorsy time that we’re all craving to get started but it’s also harsh on our skins. The more you prep your skin for the summer season, the better your skin will cope, proving it’s true that ‘prevention is better than a cure’ and this even hotter summer, skin serums are the absolute answer to helping your skin survive. The  Elixir Fusion Platinum Ageless Youth Serum – R500 (30ml) is lightweight and contains high percentages of active ingredients that are suspended in a water-based formulation. They absorb quickly into your skin, making them an excellent step to add to your skincare routine after cleansing. Formulated for all ages to maximise skin elasticity while firming and toning your skin, it smoothes out fine lines and refines pores, for a flawless holiday complexion.

“I highly recommend the Platinum Ageless Youth Serum,” says Katrine Auld, In-House Skincare Specialist at Elixir Fusion. “It firms, tones, and balances your skin’s hydration and being water-based, it sits so light and lovely under your daily moisturizer, making it the perfect skin solution as we head into warmer weather. This serum contains Acacia Plant Collagen, as well as Hyaluronic Acid and Squalene, both two of the biggest buzz words in the professional skincare world.”


Everyone wants to achieve a healthy look going into summer but without the oily build up! The Elixir Fusion Hydro C Enriching Oil  R305 (30 ml) is a light but powerful ‘dry’ oil with anti-ageing properties. It is an enriching oil for ALL skin types to use as a night oil, or to enrich any existing creams and is designed to lock in moisture and act as an anti-inflammatory for skins suffering from acne or imbalance.

It’s key essential oil ingredients are Olive Squalene which contains antioxidants to fight skin damage and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe inflammatory acne and eczema, Rosehip Oil to reduce inflammation, reducing scars and fine lines and vitamin A, C and E as powerful antioxidants as well as Palmarosa.
Use as a night oil, or to enrich any existing creams for day or night use. It’s also perfect as a ‘glow up’ oil to pat on at the very end of your routine for a gorgeous dewy glow!


Dry skin and dehydrated skin are not the same. Most people misdiagnose their skin this way because both conditions leave the skin feeling tight, rough, and uncomfortable. Dry skin results from inadequate levels of oils being deposited on the surface of the skin, while dehydration results from a lack of water in the skin. Both are necessary for a healthy, radiant glow. Avoid further moisture loss through excessive seasonal temperatures or exposure to harsh soaps and chemicals that upset your skin’s pH levels.

For moisture repair throughout the long summer days, the Elixir Fusion Treatment Ultimate Moisture Repair Cream R346.00 (50 ml) R598.00 (125 ml) is a ultra-hydrating skin-renewal solution containing Calendula which is known as ‘honey for the skin’ and neroli essential oils for improved elasticity, and an additional active called Aquacateen (prickly pear tincture). It is especially useful in treating sensitive skin providing antioxidant effects of which fight free-radical damage, stimulating collagen synthesis and cell regeneration and helping to create new blood vessels in the skin. It’s high content of water binding compounds offers a long lasting hydrating effect.


One of Elixir Fusion’s top selling treatment cream is the Elixir Fusion Pro Collagen Lift & Boost face, neck & décolleté cream R555 (125ml), The perfect daily treatment to keep that crepey neck firm and prep the décolleté against the harsh sun. It is an ultra-rich skin-plumping cream for lifting and boosting your skin,” says Katrine Auld, Elixir Fusion’s In-House Skincare Specialist. “It helps to ‘thicken’ the skin. You want that area to be as cushioned, elastic and nourished as possible as it’s an area that gets a lot of attention in summer!  Prep the area now and it will be able to handle more as things heat up.”

This nourishing formulation combines shea butter and jojoba oil with acacia plant collagen and hematite extract. The result is instant plumping and conditioning of sun-damaged skin. Its skin-thickening properties make it particularly beneficial to the neck and décolleté area, feeding, rejuvenation and boosting skin renewal so you stay looking fresh.

This cream is multi-functional – it can be used daily on the décolleté area offering a plumping effect, on the top of hands to thicken thinning skin, as well as on the face as a mask or a daily moisturiser. It’s a one size fits all kind of cream!


Another must-have for summer holidays is the Elixir Fusion Multi-active Enzyme Exfoliator R368 (125ml) to keep your skin soft, clean and radiant. It’s antibacterial action repairs damage and refines sun-exposed pores for a smoother skin. Working as a mild skin peel, it gently removes dead skin cells using the lightly stimulating action of bamboo granules, fruit acids and papaya enzymes and, being rich in antioxidants, it repairs, and feeds stressed skin for a brighter complexion.

Apply it to dry skin, avoiding the eyes, and work your fingertips in circular direction for around 30 seconds. Leave to dry for around 5 minutes or until exfoliator becomes sticky. Wet your fingertips and work in circular motions again, leaving it in for an additional 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and tone your skin. You can apply your exfoliator up to four times per week.


Designed to extract excess oil and impurities from the skin, while boosting circulation and balancing, the Elixir Fusion Asian Silt Mask  R252 (50ml) replaces important mineral and trace elements, minimising pores and leaving your skin soft and silky to the touch. This Asian Silt Mask is fantastic for summer as things get a bit sweaty and oily, and this deep cleansing mask (for all skin types) will keep your skin in balance as it cleans and extracts oil, dirt, and impurities, at the same time replacing the important minerals and trace elements your skin needs.


Beach lips get scorched too, so keep your pout lush and sexy with the Elixir Fusion Kiss Me Honey Lip Balm R44 (10ml) This natural beeswax and olive-based lip balm has a delicious fragrance and will prevent your lips from drying and cracking in the hot sun or withering wind.

Perfect for a stocking filler for the upcoming festive season, get a few and hand them out to your friends and family around the pool or pop it in as a gift in your 2022 Xmas stocking fillers.

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