Monthly Archives: January 2016

When should my little one be sleeping through? Every baby and toddler has a unique sleeping and feeding pattern, so be careful of comparing your schedule with that of other moms. If you are comfortable and happy with how things are going, then there is no need to worry or intervene. This is a very […]

You can create a genius baby if you understand how the human brain is structured. In most adults, the left hemisphere of the brain is dominant. Left-brained people think in a logical, linear manner, while right-brained people think in a non-linear, intuitive fashion. The left-brained learn best through hearing, while the right-brained learn best through […]

Adolescence can be a very tough time for both the teen and the parent.  I say ‘can be’ because not all teens talk back and slam their bedroom doors.  If your teenager does not behave this way, feel fortunate that these ‘emotional thunderstorms’ don’t occur in your home.  It may also be possible that your […]

Have you ever wondered why your kids do exactly what you asked them not to? It’s a general complaint that parents have and yet the answer and the solution are not that complicated. The solution comes in understanding how our minds process information. Believe it or not, our minds process information in pictures, not words. […]

One day when my son was about 8, we were driving into town to pick up some supplies at a hardware store.  I was rushed for time because the store was about to close.  As I rolled through a stop sign, my son asked me, “Dad, weren’t you supposed to stop at that sign back […]

Helping out around the house is a normal part of being in a family. And for pre-schoolers, getting to help like the grown-ups do can seem as wonderful as a trip to the toy store. Unfortunately, what’s tough for most parents is finding stuff that a pre-schooler can do without creating a bigger mess or […]