Monthly Archives: September 2015

Sardines are so crucial to your child’s development, that little tins of the stuff should be included in the baby gift bags that the hospital sends you home with. There are some aspects of motherhood that truly embody the concept of self-sacrifice. Feeding your baby sardines is at the top of this list. And while sardines […]

Global obesity is a growing problem and according to reports, childhood obesity in particular is at its worst levels ever. South African statistics show an alarming number of children are overweight or obese, similar to levels recorded in developed countries more than a decade ago. Parents record a worrying obsession with technology including cellphones, tablets, […]

PARENTS WHO LISTEN MORE AND SPEAK LESS. A child’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviour may be unstable during this difficult time. They need to be able to express how they feel without their emotions begin stuffed. Some of the things they say may be difficult for the parent to hear, so don’t dismiss or minimise what […]

Debt counselling is the process of assisting consumers who have debt related problems. With the total consumer debt exceeding R1.4 trillion in South Africa alone, there is a growing need for professional debt assistance. Debt is unfortunately a harsh reality for many people – with thousands of individuals struggling to make ends meet, assistance is […]

Toddlers are inquisitive little people. Their heads are filled with new exciting ideas, their hearts are full of adventure and they start each morning full of energy for the new day. Buy, this start might be at an entirely inappropriate time for parents! As a parent of a toddler, there is nothing worse than hearing […]

As technology becomes an ever increasing element of our daily lives, educational specialists will gather to discuss how best to incorporate it in schools. However, technology cannot solve learning problems, caution Edublox. On Friday 28 August 2015 teachers and education specialists will gather with IT personnel at the Technology in Education Conference in Johannesburg to […]

Netcells Biosciences, Africa’s leading stem cell laboratory and cryogenic biobank, has confirmed that it has released its first cord blood unit for transplant. Not only is this a first for the Johannesburg-based facility, it is also the first cord blood unit to be released by a private stem cell bank in South Africa. Netcells is […]