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Psychological career assessment and vocational guidance are often a last resort for many individuals at a critical career cross-roads in their lives. Often the choice of a particular career path is considered an innate or “given” factor for many people and, consequently, something which they shouldn’t have to think about especially hard. This assumed attitude […]

It is a common idea that children with imaginary friends have issues for which they are compensating, and while this may be the case, it is not the sole reason your child will develop a friendship with an invented chum. Research shows that girls are more likely than boys to have imaginary friends, or at […]

What is all the fuss about and what can parents do to improve their children’s self-esteem? In recent years self-esteem has become a bit of a buzz word. Parents, teachers, occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers (to name a few) have all become reasonably obsessed with the concept, and near panic proportions are reached if […]

An unmotivated teenager can be frustrating for parents and other authority figures such as teachers. In addition, the teenagers themselves are likely to suffer adverse effects and consequences due to this state of being. It has been said in jest that teens are very motivated but only at doing what they want to do. Nevertheless, […]

Self-harm, self-mutilation or self-injury behaviour all mean an action that is deliberate on the part of the adolescent to hurt or injure themselves. Self-harming behaviour is usually not an attempt from the adolescent to commit suicide, however does suggest that the teenager is struggling with underlying emotional issues. Depression and suicidal ideation, should however, never […]

Pregnancy is generally assumed to be a wonderful time in the life of a family, a time of abundance and anticipated joy. For some women however, pregnancy can be an extremely stressful time, with many women experiencing feelings of both depression and anxiety. It is well known that pregnant women need to take care of […]

The holidays have come to an end. No more getting up at half past eight. No more getting done when you feel like it. No more just taking it easy (as if parents could ever take it easy). You are almost back to the daily grind and now you have start worrying about getting up […]

When we talk about your baby’s mobility, what ideas come to your mind?  Things like, rolling, crawling, walking, etc. All of these things involve the large or gross muscles in the body & so to encourage mobility, we do exercises that strengthen your baby’s body from quite an early age. Now, it’s a bit like […]

Knowledge is the key to a safe, successful pregnancy, birth and parenting experience. At the very least childbirth education will improve your birth experience, and at best it can save your life. Of the million plus women who become pregnant in South Africa each year, those who receive antenatal care and quality childbirth education are […]