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Packing a school lunchbox for your child can be much healthier than giving them money for the tuckshop or sending them to school with take-away meals. These foods are usually laden with unhealthy fats, salt and sugar. A balanced, heart-healthy lunchbox can help your children ensure they are getting sufficient nutrients needed for health, improve […]

The ‘peace in the home’ diagram The purpose of this ‘Peace in the Home’ diagram is to encourage you to stand back and see the situation in perspective. It depicts the different aspects of parenting to consider when you are confronted with a situation. This was inspired by the book ‘Kinders, Tieners en soortgelyke rampe’ […]

“I have never seen any medical diagnosis as widespread and so profoundly affecting peoples’ health and well-being as the current epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency.”  — Dr. Soram Khalsa, M.D.- ‘The Vitamin D Revolution‘) At a seminar held for the Association for Nutritional Therapy in Cape Town a while back, we learned that most South Africans, […]

The classic picture of depression is someone who doesn’t eat enough, doesn’t sleep enough and loses weight. But according to Patrick Holford, world-renowned nutritionist and director of the Brain Bio Centre in the UK, they are seeing more and more patients who are gaining weight, feel tired all the time, crave carbohydrates and experience rejection […]

You know what is wrong with most dietary advice for managing weight? Firstly, the simplistic assertion that all we have to do is control calories in and calories out, and secondly, the belief that sugar and sweets are relatively benign foods.  Many diets allow the intake of refined sugars in sweets and desserts as long […]

Although I am in favour of the Paleo/Banting/Ketogenic Diet and see it as a fundamentally healthy way of eating that mirrors the diet we evolved to eat and is in accordance with our innate physiology, alarm bells are ringing! This diet in the hands of followers who have scant knowledge of nutritional needs of the […]

The Heart and Stroke Foundation SA is putting the spotlight on this forgotten killer and urging parents to be vigilant of a sore throat. Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is the most common acquired heart disease in children in many countries of the world, especially in developing countries. The global burden of disease caused by rheumatic […]

Once a word leaves your mouth, you cannot chase it back even with the swiftest horse. –Chinese Proverb Teachers and parents play a very important role when it comes to protecting our children from being shamed. The words we speak and the attitude and response to a child’s behaviour can be damaging or encouraging. Think […]

Practical tips for parents to help their children start eating better… Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits Getting children to eat healthy can be a real challenge. Creating healthy eating habits will keep your kids feeling great and contribute to a healthy lifestyle that they can continue to maintain their whole life. We tried to encourage good […]