Monthly Archives: September 2013

In a previous article that we published on bullying amongst our children in South Africa, we touched lightly on cyber-bullying and promised you a separate article on this subject, as it is so vast.  We’ve all heard the term and no doubt as parents you have already felt the need to educate yourself as to […]

Undoubtedly we all want what is best for our newborn baby’s, so what are the benefits surrounding breast-milk and commercial formula? Even the most prepared mother who has opted to breastfeed can land up by not being able too. Therefore if you are pregnant and considering your options then this certainly will be a read […]

Shut Down Summertime Leniencies. As school approaches or starts, set up a family meeting (whether you have a significant other or not) to discuss the rules that will change at home: bedtimes, shutting TVs off, removing entertainment electronics from bedrooms, having to turn in social media devices and “friend sleep over rules.” Allow your child […]

When is it the right time to wean your little one off of the bottle? Pediatricians are now recommending that the phasing out of bottles should start within the child’s second year. As much as I feel that it is not appropriate to set strict deadlines on any important aspects in your child’s life there […]

A recent campaign run by Lil-lets ‘We are Women’ called, ‘What I wish I knew’, has revealed some startling myths around periods. It’s hard to believe that in this day and age when we talk openly about every possible sensitive subject from HIV/AIDS to practising safe sex, condom use, sexually transmitted diseases and many other […]

Although I cherish parents of all children, those responsible for raising special needs children and teens are courageous adults who somehow make it through each day.  They are tasked with greater challenges and frustrations than other parents.  They are not always able to get to school related and networking events because they are probably scheduling […]