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Your Child’s Development – Making it Fun!

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“Just as my maternity leave was coming to an end, I was asked by Parenting Hub to review the Skidz Activity Box for 0 – 6 Months.”

Our Parenting Hub reader to whom we gave the Skidz Activity Box was preparing to go back to work after being at home for the last four months with her beautiful little boy.  Because her baby boy is going to be at home in the care of his Nanny, she told us that she had been trying to find ways to keep him stimulated whilst she was away at work and so the Skidz Activity Box came at just the right time.

“What I particularly liked about the Skidz Activity Box is the fact that it comes with manual loaded with information so relevant to my baby boy who is now four months old.”

The manual not only gives you a list of activities that you can do from birth to six months but includes detailed instructions on how to do everything as well.  These include various physical exercises that you can do with your baby, what will be achieved through these exercises, how to do them and when is best to do them.

“The manual is also broken up into a weekly curriculum for 0 to 3 months and 3 to 6 months outlining exactly what you can be doing with your baby every day.  What I found so helpful with this weekly curriculum was that I was able to give it to my baby’s Nanny who can follow each activity on a daily basis.”  If you don’t want to follow the detailed curriculum, you can set one up that works best for you and your baby and the manual includes a section to guide you as to how to do this – brilliant!

The box includes everything that you need to work with to follow the curriculum.  Stimulating fabrics, toys, textures, colours and sounds.  Everything that you need is included in the box.

From our Mom, a big high five to Chantelle du Toit who put together this programme.  She told us that she would recommend this product to all moms of little children.  “Especially where you have to return to work and you’re not going to put your baby in crèche.”

Skidz Activity boxes can be obtained through the Skidz website

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