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Your child is sick, and you feel guilty. Why?

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There is nothing worse than when your child is sick. As a parent, you feel the need to do everything in your power to take care of your child. “But, the truth is, although you can do everything in your power to try and prevent your child from getting sick, or getting hurt, these things happen,” says Carla Yssel, brand manager for Linctagon®, “and mommy guilt is a real thing.”

We don’t account for the guilt that a parent feels when their child is sick. “Mommy guilt, and daddy guilt are real emotions that almost all parents feel – it’s the feeling that you haven’t done enough to protect your child from anything and everything,” says Yssel.

Yssel says parents need to give themselves a break and she gives them following advice:

At night instead of looking at all the things that went wrong during the day, congratulate yourself on the things that you did right. This will enable you to see that you did succeed during the day and not everything is as bad as it may seem.

Give yourself a break. Remove yourself from the guilt for a little bit – go for a cup of coffee, meet a friend for dinner – remember who you are as a person and not only as a parent. This will give you a break, and when you return you will be able to focus more on your children.

Be prepared (as much as you can be). When it comes to children things can tend to go a different direction than expected, and you need to have the basics covered in case they do. Keeping a stocked first aid kit including band aids, and antiseptic ointment are a must.

Children get sick – deal with it. Your child is not sick because you have to work, or because you gave them fish fingers one night for dinner instead of vegetables. Your child is sick because that is what happens. Linctagon® boasts a full range of medicines to help deal with any aspect of the common cold or flu, and Linctagon® Effervescent Junior can help children get over colds quicker than usual. It contains the active ingredient Pelargonium sidoidesand through its active support can shorten the duration of the common cold as well as reduce the severity of symptoms. It also contains added vitamins A and C, anti-inflammatory MSM and immunity enhancer Zinc.

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