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You thought playing an interactive online game was safe? Think again

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FYI play it safe often gets messages from parents. Some of these are really shocking and others educational for all of us. As we are in this digital parenting world together, we wanted to share a story that should be a question to all of us – do we really know what’s happening in the apps our children are using? Are the apps that we think innocent, really in the clear?

“My daughter was 12-years old and started getting WhatsApp messages from a complete stranger. The worst part of this was that he knew her name and her age. It dawned on me that he knew which school she attended and who her friends were. I was so relieved when she had the courage and felt she could reach out to me when she received the first explicit message he sent to her.  From what we could gather, he was in his early 20s. She showed me the message and immediately blocked him,” the concerned mother wrote to us.

“At that time she was obviously scared and said that she didn’t know him, and that he appeared out of nowhere. What my motherly investigation, through some relaxed conversations over a couple of days showed, was different. My daughter and I started playing a word spelling online game. I thought this was an amazing way to expand her vocabulary and as you didn’t have to complete a game within a specific timeframe, which makes it easy to keep a continuous game going,” she continues.  

“What transpired was that, while waiting for me to play, she was matched with a random stranger for a game of scrabble and he started chatting to her in the game chat. I never realized that such an innocent game would be used for grooming. Over a period of time she eventually gave him her name, her WhatsApp number and some other personal information. I was shocked…” 

Another lesson learnt.

The fact is that predators are lurking everywhere. Even in apps that may seem innocent. Setting up parental controls and age restrictions on our children’s devices are not enough. 

Fortunately, this mom now has installed FYI play it safe on her child’s device and has the comfort that, from this point forward, the text in all her child’s apps will be monitored. The innocent and the seemingly innocent apps. 

FYI play it safe is not a parental control app, but rather an app that gives you the information of what is really going on in your children’s digital lives. It sends parents alerts when their children are exposed to or show signs of cyberbullying, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation, or when they engage in adult content such as pornography, sexting or drugs.

FYI play it safe is the one app no parent should be without. Download the app at and follow the easy three-step sign-up process to start your free 7-day trial.

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