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Winter skincare tips for your baby

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One minute you’re wondering if the blistering heat will ever come to an end and the next you’re leaving home in the dark bundled in layers of warmth. It’s May and autumn has taken hold in South Africa. When it comes to your young ones, the changing seasons bring unwelcome bouts of colds and flu – which are often connected to skin ailments.

Su-Marie Annandale from baby skincare brand Krayons has the following tips for common autumn and winter skin ailments:

Chapped cheeks and nose can often occur from continued running, and wiping of your child’s nose.  Annandale suggests taking a facecloth soaked in warm water and gently dabbing the affected area. Once the skin is warm, apply Krayons Aqueous Cream gently in upward stokes until it has been absorbed. Follow this same routine two to three times a day to help your little one avoid chapped cheeks.

Heat rash sometimes happens when your babe is wrapped up too warmly. You’ll see itchy red bumps arising from the clogging of sweat glands. The best way to combat this is to dress your baby in breathable layers so that one or two layers can be removed if the weather warms-up. Watch out for overheating, especially in little babies.

Take time to pamper at bath time. Use this special time with your children to really indulge their skin. In winter, use Krayons Aqueous cream before the bath and rub generously onto your child’s skin. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot and avoid harsh soap products on their skin in the winter months (when skin is especially dry). Once bath time is over, pat the skin dry and apply another layer of cream before dressing. Finish off with a quick swipe of Krayons petroleum jelly on their lips.

Don’t forget to use sunscreen throughout the year. The sun can cause unnecessary damage to young skin in summer and winter.

Annandale says that your child’s skincare routine in the winter months should be more proactive than reactive. “Keeping your baby or child’s skin adequately moisturised in the cold will make sure that many skin ailments are avoided.”

The full range of Krayons products are available at all major retail outlets for between R7,99 for the Krayons soap bar to R32,99 for the 500ml Petroleum Jelly.


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