Why your brand should be running competitions with Parenting Hub?

Competitions are a fantastic way to increase the exposure for your brand.  Not only do mothers respond exceptionally well to Businesses that run Giveaways but it provides a unique way for you to inexpensively educate market readers about your brands and the products that you have on offer.

What do competitions provide for your brand?

  • Brand exposure
  • Product awareness and experience
  • Increased readership

How much does it cost to run a competition with Parenting Hub?

At Parenting Hub we do not charge advertisers a fee to run a competition. However should you not be a Parenting Hub Advertiser, then a charge of R500 applies.

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Where will your competition be displayed?

  • The Competition Page located on the Parenting Hub Website
  • The Parenting Hub Newsletter
  • The Parenting Hub Social Network Pages
  • Affiliate sites such as Competitions ZA and Woman Freebies (subject to their approval)

Is there a minimum prize value?

Yes! There is a minimum prize value of R700

What month will your competition be displayed in?

This is dependent on availability and will be discussed with you upon you completing your booking form

How long do competitions run for?

Competitions run for a single month at a time unless otherwise arranged

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Please ensure that you email your business logo together with prize pictures to advertise@parentinghub.co.za

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