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Why You Need The Twistshake Mini Click Mat

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The Twistshake Mini Click Mat is a revolutionary piece of feeding equipment every parent simply needs to own. This is attributed to its brilliant design and baby friendly features. Read on below now to find out everything you need to know about the Twistshake Mini Click Mat and why you should make this a part of your baby’s meal plan now!

Features Of The Twistshake Mini Click Mat

  • No harmful products have been used in production of this product as it contains no BPF, BPS or BPA
  • Designed to work in perfectly conjunction with other Twistshake feeding plates
  • Adhesive bottom allows the mat to stick to the table surface it is placed on, avoiding spills and falls
  • Made from quality silicone
  • Can be easily washed in the dish washer as it is dish washer safe
  • 31x17cm

A Bit More About The Twistshake Mini Click Mat

Now you know the ins and outs of the product, here is why this is such an innovative mat. The Twistshake Click Mat has been designed to minimalize mess made during meal times. This is achieved by the adhesive underlayer of the mat which secures it to any table surface it is placed on to. 

From there, additional Twistshake feeding products such as the divide plate can easily be clicked into place. this hinders your baby from picking up their plate or bowl and sending it flying across the room.

The mat will still allow your little one the freedom to feed themselves, however, it lessens their chances of making a colossal mess around their feeding area.

Furthermore the mat is a breeze to clean. Since it is made from premium silicone, it can easily be wiped down or placed into the dish washer. However, please note that this product is NOT suitable for the microwave.

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