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Why sMOOthies can make your breakfast seamless

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About one in three people tend to skip breakfast. Breakfast is undeniably one of the most important meals of the day and smoothies are a quick and easy way to provide you with all the important nutrients you need to start your day.

Why smoothies for breakfast?

They can be prepared with as little as three simple, nutritious ingredients that are part of a healthy eating pattern.

MILK contains a powerful combination of 9 important nutrients, such as high quality protein, calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B12 and B2, as well as magnesium, phosphate and zinc. Milk is a versatile ingredient, because in a single product you get a variety of nutrients, that are easily absorbed and ready to be used.

YOGHURT, like milk, is a source of high quality protein, which helps to keep you satisfied and at the same time builds and maintains your muscles. Yogurt is a fermented dairy product that is a vehicle  of friendly bacteria and contributes to good intestinal health. These friendly bacteria are used during the manufacturing process to acidify the milk. Similar bacteria also occur naturally in the human digestive system to ensure that nutrients are absorbed efficiently from food. By eating yogurt, you help maintain the bacterial population in your intestinal tract so that you can get the best possible nutritional value from food.

FRUIT is packed with important nutrients, which complement milk and yogurt. It is a rich source of folic acid, vitamin C and fiber. Together with milk and yoghurt, it makes a perfect combination for your smoothie.

You can also add nuts, seeds, peanut butter, vegetables or oatmeal for texture and flavor.

Smoothies are so easy to make! Try this delicious Peanutbutter Whip With Apples smoothie created by the team at Rediscover Dairy.

Make it at home with a regular whisk or in a food processor. You can make it in advance and freeze it and then use it to keep your lunch box cool. It is advisable to use plain, unflavoured yoghurt because in this way you can limit unnecessary sugar. Milk and yoghurt are also available in different options. From full-cream, low-fat, medium-fat to fat-free milk which means there is an option for everyone. Alternate the type of fruit and vegetables you add to ensure variety and to give it a new, interesting flavor every day.

Smoothies are a quick, easy and “trendy” breakfast option, packed with nutrients. They are a delicious, easy grab-and-go meal.

Make sure you give your body the support and nutrients it needs. Try to include 2-3 servings of milk and dairy in your diet daily. Milk and dairy are good for the whole family – young and old!

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