Why should your products be reviewed on a regular basis?

Every mother wants to know what to expect when purchasing a particular product and this is achieved when products are reviewed by the Parenting Hub Panel. The Parenting Hub Stamp of Approval means that your product has been found to be exceptional and shows clients that your relationship with Parenting Hub is highly regarded, greatly enhancing your credibility.

What do reviews provide for your brand?

  • Brand exposure
  • Product awareness and experience
  • Increased readership

How much does it cost to review your product with Parenting Hub?

At Parenting Hub we do not charge a fee to review products

Where will your review be displayed?

  • The front page on the Parenting Hub Website
  • The Parenting Hub Social Network Pages

Can you share our honest review with your consumers?

Absolutely you should be sharing feedback at all times with your consumers via your social networks pages

What month will your review be displayed in?

This is dependent on availability and will be discussed with you upon you completing your booking form

Snappi_Baby_Chair-1Can you display the Parenting Hub Approved Icons on your products and website?

Without a doubt this can be done. Should you require design files for your packaging, please do not hesitate to let us know.


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