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Many of us parents experience frustrations with the schooling system on behalf of our children.  Sometimes, our child is being left behind as the class moves on before they have mastered a learning milestone.  Sometimes, our child is bored and acting out because the class isn’t moving on yet, and they are ready.  This is because in traditional classroom learning, educators teach to the middle and they are simply, practically, not able to round up all the children on the same page at every time. We can intervene, and we can demand that our child’s learning needs to be individualised, but the entire, conventional education system does not enable this.

We all learn somewhat differently; and our capacities to listen, understand and engage with information ebb and flow from time to time, no matter how structured our learning environment.  Just because a teacher stood up in class and gave a lesson doesn’t mean that all the children learned.  Learning deficits can be costly in multiple ways.  They can have long-lasting effects, derailing our child’s positive experience of their education, impacting on their identity and their self-confidence.  If it’s not you, it’s more than likely that you do know someone whose life has been inadvertently shaped by the idea: ‘I couldn’t do this… or follow that path… because at school, I was never any good at Maths.’

Mark Anderson, Koa Academy Principal says, “We all know that individualised learning is the game-changer.  School leaders, teachers and parents have all known this for a long time.  It’s a transformation that has to happen in school systems across the world, and it is turning out that technology is an enabler of this change.”  The advantage of online learning is that children can engage with content at their own pace, and they can access global content in formats that best suit their learning style, creating an individualised learning pathway.  

Anderson says, “At Koa Academy, children are highly engaged with their teachers in small Pods of eight learners.  This is the structure that promotes socio-emotional learning and high engagement in our school community.  However, our children are also accessing global educational content and proceeding at their own pace.  They have an individualised dashboard, visible to their teacher and parents, that tracks their content engagement and learning progress.  They are on unique learning pathways in a tech-powered learning environment that enables both structure and individualization.”

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