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Why new moms must re-look insurance needs before baby arrives

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Expecting a new baby is always an exciting time, particularly for first-time moms who are exposed to a whole new world of baby related must-haves. While it’s easy to get swept up in pre-baby planning, it’s just as important to ensure you are prepared by updating your insurance requirements before your baby arrives, according to Casey Rousseau, Marketing Manager of 1st for Women Insurance.

“Generally speaking, there are five main insurance requirements all new moms should re-look in the run-up to the big arrival – car, home, personal, portable possessions and life cover,” she says.

There will be a number of once off purchases which you, or even family members and friends, will make before baby arrives, and with the right insurance policy in place, you can keep it that way.  Some of these items include:

·         Cot:  R700 – R11 250

·         Compactum: R1 300 – R3 200

·         Baby monitor: R600 – R4 200

·         Humidifier: R250 – R1 200

·         Breast pump: R300 – R1 200

·         Pram and carry: R1 000 – R3 000

·         Car seat: R1 000 – R3 000


In terms of home insurance, Rousseau says it’s not just about adding all your expensive new purchases to your home policy, but also finding out what insurance would be required for specific baby-related items transported in your vehicle such as a pram, car seat, and anything stored in your baby bag.

“In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is stolen or damaged with your critical baby essentials inside, they would in fact fall under the portable possession section of the policy, and not the car insurance policy, meaning it is always best to check with your insurance provider on what type of cover you will need,” says Rousseau.

“There are also various personal insurance policies available such as cellphone policies, personal accident or scratch and dent policies to name but a few, which you can also consider adding to your insurance basket to ensure comprehensive insurance that best suits your lifestyle,” she adds.

And while baby equipment and gadgets are replaceable certain things are not, and for this reason Rousseau emphasises the importance of thinking long term when it comes to securing the financial future of your child. Life cover is essential if you want to ensure your child is financially well taken care of should anything ever happen to you.

“It’s very important for families to think about not only the type of insurance cover they need in preparation for a growing family but to also consider the benefits provided. With 1st for Women for example, our Guardian Angels Lifestyle Assistance benefit includes Nurse@First, a service which moms can call at any time of the day or night to get advice on what to do if their baby is sick, while the Guardian Angel on Call benefit provides emergency medical assistance when you are in a severe accident,” says Rousseau.

“By being prepared before your baby arrives and ensuring your insurance needs and the benefits offered through the policies are right for you, it’s one less thing to worry about as a new mom. With insurance specifically designed for women, we know how helpful it is to have less to think about, so that you can get on with enjoying your journey into motherhood,” she says.

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