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Why moms and their little ones need clean beauty skincare products

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Clean beauty has been getting a lot of positive buzz online – and for good reason! Those that invest in products designed with clean beauty principles in mind, reap the benefits of ultimate wellbeing – and this includes moms that chose clean beauty for themselves and their little ones!

So, how does it work?

In a nutshell, the clean beauty philosophy allows us to be mindful about our health and our impact on the environment. It ensures that ingredients are responsibly chosen, based on their safety and efficiency, as well as their environmental impact.  

Although there are diverse opinions when it comes to clean beauty products, it is important to remember why this movement started. We caught up with JOMAR, a natural, clean beauty skincare brand for moms and babies, who shared their insights on this topic.

1. Daily exposure means we need to consider what we and our little ones need to be protected from

Food, skincare and medication expose us to numerous chemicals each day, which means we are exposed to a phenomenon known as toxic load. That means even ingredients that are deemed safe may become harmful or cause sensitization if use exceeds recommended exposure limits. 

When choosing clean beauty products for ourselves and our little ones, we are choosing natural, plant-derived ingredients that reduce the risk of toxic load. These ingredients contain fewer chemical by-products known to cause skin reactions. 

2. Pure ingredients are gentler and more nourishing

Certain traditional skincare brands often have the same product ingredients to ensure each batch looks and smells the same. Unfortunately, this refining process can introduce harmful by-products or can damage naturally beneficial components – something that moms definitely not want when it comes to their and their babies’ skincare! 

However, natural ingredients undergo less refining and trade consistency in colour and smell to preserve product integrity. This means vitamins and antioxidants remain intact for a longer period. Moms and babies can enjoy products with ingredients in their purest form, knowing they are reaping all the benefits of clean beauty! 

3. Clean beauty inspires moms to follow a conscious living approach for them and their little ones

Conscious living is all about making better choices for your health, society and the environment. When moms choose a more purposeful lifestyle, they will choose natural products that allow them to align their purchasing habits with their personal values – ensuring they provide the best skincare for their family. 

Skincare products with natural ingredients require less processing during manufacturing, which means energy consumption is reduced and fewer (if any!) harmful by-products are present. By-products and synthetic ingredients are found in nature due to build-up and contaminated water and soil over time, however, clean beauty can help conscious living moms to minimise their impact on the environment. 

When moms choose clean beauty products for their families as part of their conscious living attitude, they also support local farmers and sustainable growing and harvesting practices that promote the cultivation of indigenous plant species.

It is clear: Clean beauty products are the only option when choosing skincare products for mothers and little ones! 

To find out more about JOMAR’s clean beauty approach, be sure to visit their website here.

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