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Why a good holiday camp is worth the cost

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You want your children to be productive during their school holidays, so you browse around for a good holiday program. However, the cost of a good sleepover holiday camp seems exorbitant. You wonder how the majority of American parents can afford to send their kids to summer camp for the entire school holiday, every year. You did find much cheaper camps – but are they any good? Why are some camps R200 per night, and others up to R900 per night?

The price of a camp is often an indication of it’s quality. Although cheaper camps may keep your child busy during the school holidays, there are more pressing concerns you should settle before entrusting your child into the care of others.

There are reasons why some camp prices are a little upscale. Here are four reasons that a pricey camp may be worth investing in:


You cannot expect a cheap camp to have high-end security measures, because high-end security doesn’t come cheap. Whether it is equipment or general safety measures, if a camp is too cost-conscious you may not be sending your child to the safest camp.

For example, Sugar Bay holiday camp is protected by full perimeter electric fences, twenty-five closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), 24-hour armed response, patrolling night watchmen, access control at their point of entry and exit and panic buttons in every cabin. The camp has its own 24-hour Health Care Center for minor health issues, and always has a doctor on call. All equipment and gear is of the best quality to ensure the safest possible camp experience.


Cheaper camps may not spend money on providing professional staff training, and costs may also be cut by employing as few staff as possible.

On the other hand, each staff member at Sugar Bay Camp is trained in Emergency First Response and CPR. They are also required to provide a police clearance certificate before employment. During their two week training program, all staff receive instruction in child psychology, theory and practice of teaching, leadership and activity instruction. Thereafter, only the best performing staff are selected for employment.

Sugar Bay camp also has a strict 1:3 staff to child ratio, which is the highest in South Africa, to ensure that each child receives full-time supervision and individual attention.

Activities and Facilities

Camps that are easy on the pocket usually have limited and often compulsory activities, as well as inflexible schedules. Most children don’t like the idea of having to participate in activities that they don’t enjoy. Whereas, higher-priced camps are able to offer a wider range of activities and more flexible programs.

For instance, Sugar Bay holiday camp offers over 100 activities, none of which are compulsory. Children may decide what they would like to participate in – and when. There are always multiple activities running at any given time, and kids may participate in whichever activity they prefer. This freedom of choice allows kids to make their own independent decisions and encourages them to try new things – like learning how to surf or skateboard.


Children require healthy meals and energizing snacks to fully enjoy their camp experience. The most affordable camps often compromise on the quality of food by offering the cheapest meals they can afford at bulk – food that most kids do not enjoy. These camps may also not be in a position to cater for special dietary needs like gluten intolerant, halaal, vegetarian or lactose intolerant children etc.

Sugar Bay, on the other hand, offers fresh and tasty meals every day, with different meals served each day. Fresh fruits and veggies are available at every meal time. A balanced meal plan is offered with the right proportions of protein, carbohydrates, dairy and vegetables. All of the baked goods – like bread rolls and croissants – are made fresh on the premises. Individual dietary needs are also catered for.

Some examples of breakfasts include: cheese croissants, bacon and eggs, quiche, french toast etc. There is always yoghurt, fresh fruit and cereals available in addition to these main meals. Lunches may be: fish and chips, chicken schnitzel, beef strips with rice etc. There is always a salad bar and fresh fruit available at lunch time. Dinner may be: lasange, cottage pie, curry, grilled chicken and rice, beef stew etc. There is always a salad bar and fresh vegetables available at dinner time. Dessert always follows, some examples of which include: peppermint crisp tart, ice-cream and chocolate sauce, chocolate brownies, malva pudding etc.

Despite the exceptional safety protocols, professional staff, variety of activities and healthy and delicious meals, Sugar Bay also imparts life skills that you cannot put a price tag on. Every cent that you spend on a holiday camp at Sugar Bay is a worthwhile investment that accompanies your peace of mind as a parent.

If you are interested in booking a camp for your child, or have further questions, contact Sugar Bay via their website, email call (032) 485 3778. 

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