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Want a second chance at matric? Distance education can help you

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Thousands of learners who finished their matric studies last year have already started 2019 in earnest with many beginning tertiary education or embarking on a new job.

While the majority of these matriculants have moved on from their schooling careers already, there are those who would like a second chance.

Some matric learners may have obtained their National Senior Certificate but are unhappy with their final pass results. In many instances, it isn’t always possible for these learners to return to their school and rewrite one or more subjects the year afterwards.

Additionally, there are thousands of learners who unfortunately didn’t meet the pass requirements for matric.

“In light of this, most people in South Africa would probably have the perception that once you’ve done your matric – you’re done. But this isn’t true,” says Louise Schoonwinkel, GM of Impaq, a subsidiary of FutureLearn group.

“You can always go back through a distance education provider such as Impaq and redo one or all of your subjects to improve your marks and get the pass you want. Moreover, you can do this with a high degree of flexibility from home, during your own time,” Schoonwinkel.

With over 16 000 registered learners in 2018, Impaq is well known as being South Africa’s leading provider of home and distance education solutions for learners from Grade R – Grade 12.

Impaq is also well-suited to helping learners redo matric in South Africa because it follows the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) and is registered with the assessment body,  SACAI, which is quality assured by Umalusi.

SACAI is also one of the national assessment bodies that manage the National Senior Certificate examination along with the IEB and Department of Basic Education.

How it works

Regardless of the assessment body that learners were previously registered with, any matric candidate who had a final examination sitting – either last year or even in previous years – can register with Impaq to improve or repeat Grade 12.

The final deadline to do this is 15 February 2019.

When it comes to Grade 12 candidates who register as repeaters, there are two options.

1. Learners who are repeating their school-based assessment portfolio and the final examination.

For this option, the candidate has to redo all the tasks and tests, as well as the June exam and the preliminary and final examinations.

The candidate may redo all their subjects or only certain subjects.

2. Learners who are only repeating the final examination.

For this option, the candidate should have had a sitting for the NSC Final Examination and should have a complete and valid School-Based Assessment, or SBA (this involves tasks and tests as well as the June and preliminary examination).

In this instance, the candidate will only rewrite the final examination at the end of the academic year and their current SBA will be submitted as part of the final mark. (It’s important to bear in mind that the SBA is only valid for three years.)

In both options, learners have access to 25 subjects (including the likes of IT and Religion Studies).

“If you’re looking to improve upon your matric, there is hope for you and the tools for you to achieve this. Experts at Impaq are also available to assist you with any queries you may have,” says Schoonwinkel.

For learners who are interested in finding out more and registering, they can do so by clicking this link:

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  • Michelle January 18, 2022 at 2:56 pm

    Hi There

    Matric is your final year of high school in South Africa. The final exam is called the “matric exams”. This exam is administered by the Department of Basic Education. Students that complete their final year of high school (Grade 12) are also called “matriculants” OR more commonly referred to as matrics.

    Once students have completed their final year and have passed, students are said to have “matriculated”. The qualification received after completing high school is called a National Senior Certificate or a matric certificate. This certificate can be completed through the Department of Basic Education or the Independent Examinations Board.


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