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Walking the road to wellness

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Being healthy and living a full life is what we all want, for ourselves and our family.  An important part of life’s wellness journey is about having the right people to support you – physically, emotionally, mentally and even financially – when it matters most.

The latest television ad by Bonitas Medical Fund underpins this ‘holistic’ healthcare message in a simple, real and compelling way. It addresses the fact that medical aid is a necessity but expands on the message to show how the Scheme acts in the best interests of its members and ‘has a plan’ for everyone. 

The story is one of perseverance and tenacity as a father tackles his tough wellness journey with the support of his family, friends – and medical aid – in order to walk his daughter down the aisle. ‘The story is about protecting our loved ones and making sure they have the best care possible,’ says Lee Callakoppen, Principal Officer of Bonitas.

Produced by Joe Public and shot over three days in various locations, the advert reinforces the Bonitas’ brand strategy of being the ‘Medical Aid for South Africa’ while it introduces a campaign takeout referencing affordable and accessible quality healthcare and better benefits that don’t impact your savings.

‘We are a unique medical scheme,’ explains Callakoppen. ‘In that we offer medical aid solutions for all sectors of the market and the South African population. Our advertising needs to be slightly disruptive and set us apart, which is why we chose to portray a real life family dealing with a healthcare situation that was impacting their lives and future. 

‘We’re always taking strides to see how we can provide our members with more value – and connect with them more strongly. Be it through competitive plan design, the introduction of new benefits that add meaning to their lives or innovation in the way we communicate and engage with them.’

There are several versions of the ad including a 60s, 30s and three 10s which will be flighted across a range of DStv channels as well as Business Day TV, ENCA, eTV and SABC. Supporting the campaign will be radio, print and digital adverts.

‘We are passionate about ensuring South Africans make informed decisions about their healthcare and that they have the cover they need, when they need it. Our hope is that this TV advert will resonate well with viewers and get them thinking about the future of their health.  We believe ‘when I becomes we, illness becomes wellness’ and would like to be the medical aid that takes the wellness journey with them.’

Click here to view the latest Bonitas Medical Fund TV advert

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