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Vital Baby: What to look for in a breast pad

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For moms who have decided to breastfeed, breast pads are a real God-send. While they may not be necessary in the first few days after baby’s birth, they will play an important role when your milk comes in.

Leaking is very common; a woman’s breasts may leak when she hears a baby cry, or when baby’s next feeding time approaches. It is also common and normal for one of your breasts to leak milk while you are busy feeding with the other. This is because your “let down” reflex happens in both breasts at the same time. It takes some time for breast milk to become regulated, so you can expect to use breast pads for the first few months after giving birth.

What are breast pads?

Breast pads, also known as nursing pads, are placed inside your bra, and serve the purpose of absorbing excess milk that may leak between feeds. They prevent milk from staining your clothing.

There are various shapes and sizes available, and some are reuseable, whilst others are disposable. No matter what type you choose, the most important factor to consider is comfort. Your breast pad should be contoured to fit snugly against your body. A flat circular breast pad will bunch up in your bra.

Breast pads should be soft and absorbent, and allow your skin to breathe. It’s important not to trap moisture around the nipple, as this can lead to irritation or even yeast infections. As such, breast pads should be changed regularly. 

vital baby® NURTURE™ ultra comfort breast pads help keep you dry by absorbing breast milk that may leak between feeds.  They have self-adhesive tabs to secure each breast pad discreetly onto the inside of your bra, preventing embarrassing leaks from showing through your clothing. We’re sure you’ll agree, vital baby® NURTURE™ ultra comfort breast pads are one of the best breast pads available to mums.

The vital baby® NURTURE™ ultra comfort breast pads are shaped to provide comfort and absorbency, locking in wetness away from your nipple, helping to avoid irritation and infection.

The vital baby® NURTURE™ ultra comfort breast pads have:

• An absorbent layer to help keep you dry and comfortable day and night.
• Double sticky tabs for security and to help prevent slipping.
• A crinkle-free 3D contour for a natural comfortable fit.
• Soft and breathable fabric with a backing that’s waterproofed to help wick moisture away from the skin.
• Individually packaged for hygiene.

For hygiene and comfort, we recommend that breast pads are replaced regularly.

RSP: R103.02 (56pk) / R23.55 (6pk)

Vital Baby products are available at: Clicks, Babies R Us, Baby City and online at Babies Africa, Loot and Takealot. 

Learn more about Vital Baby on or follow them on social media @vitalbabysa. 

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