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Have you heard about Vampirina? She’s a ghoulish girl in a human world – and she’s the star of Disney Junior’s exciting animated series, Vampirina! Read on for a sneaky peek behind-the-scenes at the making of the spooktacular Disney Junior series… 


Vampirina is Disney Junior’s animated series that follows the adventures of a lovable vampire and her family. “When a young vampire moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania, she has to learn how to live with humans and stay true to herself,” explains co-executive producer/supervising director, Norton Virgien. 


The music-filled cartoon series is crammed with fun adventures for Vampirina and her frightfully fab family. In the words of the show’s super-catchy theme song, “They are the battiest monsters you’ll ever meet!” 


In season one of the animated series, fans got to know Vampirina, her family and her brilliant BFFs. In season two, the adventures expand. “We are going to spend a lot more time in Transylvania,” admits Norton. “It’s going to be very exciting to see what happens!”  


Behind the scenes, animators and artists have been working hard to bring new areas of Transylvania to life for the show. “We’ve created a shopping street in Transylvania, which is much like the shopping street in every village or every town,” explains Norton. “We studied old European villages for the look of the town.” 


See if you can spot a Transylvanian toy shop in season two! “The new shopping street features a toy store called FAO Shrieks,” explains Norton. “It’s vaguely related to a famous toy store that used to exist in New York City.” 


How was the shopping street created for the animated series? “We have an artist on our team who used to be an architect,” reveals Norton. “He’s very, very good at turning ideas into reality. He created some beautiful pencil drawings of ornate, gothic buildings, which you’ll see in the show.”


Prepare for some epic monster mayhem in season two. “There are lots of new monster characters who come to visit Vee and her family at the Scare B&B,” reveals Norton. 


“We have a lot of fun episodes coming up during the second season,” continues Norton. “The Frankenstein monster turns up in Pennsylvania with his bride-to-be. They plan to have their wedding ceremony in the back garden of Vampirina’s house, which is almost a disaster. Monsters from all over come as guests.” Eek! 


Listen out for lots of catchy new songs in upcoming episodes. “Vee’s music career in a rock trio called the Ghoul Girls really takes off in season two,” explains Norton. “We’ve even got a series of specially-made animated music videos coming out soon, which we hope will be a huge hit.” 


Did you know that Vampirina was inspired by the super-successful children’s book series, Vampirina Ballerina? “It’s a very, very fun show,” concludes Norton. “You’ll quickly fall in love with Vampirina and all her friends.” 


Who’s who in Vampirina? Here’s co-executive producer/supervising director Norton Virgien on the spooktacular characters in the scream-tastic series… 


“Vampirina is the cutest and sweetest little vampire you’ve ever met. She’s charming, cute and lovable.”


“Vampirina’s mother is called Oxana Hauntley. She’s all vampire and yet she tries her very best to fit into the human world. To be honest, I think she has more trouble fitting in than the rest of her family put together!” 


“Boris is the world’s best dad. When he’s not flying around Transylvania as a bat, he’s always there for his little girl, Vampirina. Oxana and Boris own a bed and breakfast place in Pennsylvania called the Scare B&B. He’s the best!”  


“Gregoria is a gargoyle. She has a heart of stone, but it’s definitely warmed up over the 473 years she’s been around! Gregoria is a great double act with Demi, who is a ghost that lives with the Hauntley family. Gregoria has an up and down relationship with Demi.”


“Vampirina’s grandma is called Nanpire The Great. She is the perfect grandmother. Nanpire is very loving and supportive, and her carry-all bag is full of magic tricks. When Nanpire starts singing and dancing, the episode goes through the roof!” 


“Grandpop is a little tied to the old ways. It’s tough for him to live within the human world and to see his family changing. Although he has a heart of gold.”


“Imagine the cutest little purple dog. That’s Wolfie. Except this cute little dog turns into a fully-fledged werewolf when the full moon comes out! Wolfie is a really fun character, but stay out of his way if he changes shape.” 


“Vee’s closest friend is Poppy. She’s very cool and hip. Poppy plays the drums in the Ghoul Girls with wild abandon. She is a great accomplice in many of Vee’s little adventures.”


“Poppy’s brother, Edgar, is an obsessed ghost and monster hunter. He plays a bigger role as the second season goes on. He lives next door to Vampirina and he’s desperate to find out what’s going on in the haunted house next door.”

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