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Values in the Classroom

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As technological advancements have swept through classrooms in the last decade, the way in which children are taught has changed, shifting towards a modernized approach. At Capriccio! Arts Powered Schools, we acknowledge the numerous benefits of technology in the classroom and create a pro-tech learning environment. We are however of the opinion that value-based learning should form  an integral part of the foundation upon which children are educated. 

Our uniquely designed curriculum fosters the cognitive, emotional, physical, social and artistic development of little ones and young children. As such, our specialized enrichment programmes focus on preparing children for life by instilling within them important values, which form one of the cornerstones of our learners’ educational journey.  

Combining elements of Montessori, Reggio Emilio and Waldorf, we have developed a number of unique enrichment programmes aimed at: 

  • Instilling values like honesty, integrity and sincerity by means of story-telling, games, puppeteering and role play. 
  • Introducing grace, courtesy, etiquette and social skills, reinforcing learning through role play, stories, puppet theatre and other media.
  • Preparing our children for life via practical lessons learnt from the Bible. Our Christian ethos provides a consistent foundation upon which is built to instil family values – Practical lessons from the Bible form part of equipping our learners for a meaningful life. 

For more information on our integrated, innovative and creative approach to providing wholesome and well-rounded pre-primary and primary education, visit: 

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