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Should you be updating your logo?  Does it look fresh, modern and more importantly, does it clearly convey your image as well as what you do?

If you want your business to keep up with the times then it’s important to update your logo every now and again.  MFP Design started out as My Family Productions.  As we have grown and evolved, we have recognised the need to incorporate more services to our clients, thus MFP Design was born.

A fresh, concise and up to date logo shows that you are moving forward and becoming successful in whatever industry you cover.  At MFP Design, our strength lies in creating branding that works for you, reflecting your industry as well as your personality.  If you need figuring out what the best approach is to a new or updated logo, MFP Design can help you do just that.

Listed below are a few points that you should be considering and hopefully will assist you in making an informed decision that will ultimately benefit your business and your bottom line.

#1 In the Beginning…

When you first started your business, your logo or any branding for that matter, was probably right at the bottom of your list of priorities.  It’s very possible that you sat late one night, grabbing clip art off the internet and designed a little something that you felt, at that time, represented you and cost you nothing but your own time.

And of course now that you’ve become accustomed to your personally designed logo, making a decision to change it or update it, could seem like going back to square one.  Consider this though – people expect from time to time to see some change in your branding.  It keeps them interested and shows your clients that if you care enough about your own business to keep it current, what more would you be doing for them?
#2 Is your Logo Outdated?

Obviously you can’t be chopping and changing your logo just to keep it looking trendy.  And that’s why you need a professional to do your designing in the first place – to ensure that you have a logo that will serve and support your image for many years, perhaps only requiring a tweak every once in a blue moon.

But, take a look at what you currently have and do some research in terms of what your competitors are doing.  That should give you a very good indication of how outdated or unprofessional and desperately in need of change your logo is.  If… you have used clip art at any time…you have to know that the time is NOW to change it!
#3 Your Company has Evolved

Probably one of the most important areas to consider when you want to update your logo is the fact that your business has grown in more ways than one.  Chances are that the services and products that you initially offered within the first year of your business operations have either been changed, enhanced upon or dropped completely from your repertoire.

Changing or updating your logo creates an opportunity to include those new areas of your business.  It will create new interest and could help you get in contact with a lot of new clients you wouldn’t have with your existing logo.
#4 Is it too Complex?

Understanding that less is more will go a long way to helping you decide just how complex your logo actually is.  When you first designed it, how many different fonts and colours did you incorporate?  How many images?  If you consider Coca Cola, Google, YouTube, Facebook and other well-known big brands, all have the same thing in common when it comes to their design – simple, simple, simple.

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