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Under the African Sea music album launch

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After 30 years in the biz, local ECD educator launches children’s music album

Coming soon to Apple Music and in limited hard copy is a collection of original, locally produced songs about the many sea creatures we can find in our African seas.

Appropriate for all ages from birth to ten and beyond, Under the African Sea is a swift and pleasant departure from the clamour of today’s one-dimensional kiddies music that so often conspires to drive parents mad. Rather, this soundtrack is one that the whole family can enjoy and one that will lead to informative and educational discussions around sea life in our local oceans.

Produced by Bedfordview-based early childhood development expert Petra Scherf, this collection of songs actually came to fruition years ago. “After a morning on the beach with a friend and our children, I was inspired to write a series of songs about the sea life we had observed. I composed the tunes in my head as I jotted down the words and, just like that, I had a beautiful collection of songs that the children at my school have been enjoying ever since.”

This year, Scherf was encouraged to professionally lay down the tracks. “I wanted to share this music with all the children of the world to enjoy. Gregory Nottingham from

JAZZWORKS produced the most amazing music based on my tunes and, together with Tulla Eckhart (our main vocalist), Gregory made the songs come alive.”

Children from Petra’s preschool created the images used as part of the album cover and Studio esse.nr13 pieced it all together to create the under-the-sea inspired artwork.

With the album now professionally produced, Scherf is confident that Under the African Sea can be enjoyed by children across South Africa and beyond. It’s the perfect learning tool for teachers and other child-focused groups that use music and song to entertain, stimulate and educate young children.

“The album includes instrumental tracks that can be used by music teachers for percussion and movement, for children to sing the songs karaoke-style or for schools to dance and move together,” says Scherf. She adds that the songs include a variety of music-inspired movements and actions like marching, swaying and diving, which helps develop spatial awareness and language skills.

Under the African Sea will soon be release in Zulu and Xhosa and is the first to be produced in a series of Africa-inspired albums that will include On an African Farm, In the African Bush and The African Sky and Beyond.

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