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Type A Personality Jobs Ideal for Anyone Who Likes Organising

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Perhaps you know all about the Type A personality. Do you love living by a regiment to-do list and stand out for your planning skills, tidying up, and organising? Chances are high that you’re a Type A!

Your organisational skills keep your life running smoothly, and when put to good use, they can also help you achieve career success. Your personality might be the ideal fit for managerial roles where processes must be followed and things need to get done without hiccups.

While there are many career avenues where Type A personalities can thrive, Adzuna compiled a list of the most rewarding career paths for people that love organising. Embrace your inner anxiety and try the following picks on for size!

Best Roles for Type A Personalities

Data Entry

Data entry roles are great ways of earning extra income in your spare time, but you can also pursue a full-time career in this niche. This job involves using a computer for various tasks like transferring information from one place to another or transcribing audio files. A role in data entry is very detail-oriented. But this is where your keen eye for paying attention to the tiniest bits of information is a huge bonus.

Editing or Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are all about picking up minute mistakes in the written word and improving the content to appeal to readers. It’s a perfect role for Type A personalities with impeccable grammar skills.

PR Specialist

It takes a great deal of dedication and patience to become a public relations specialist, but it’s a great challenge for people that like organisation. PR specialists usually liaise with influencers and publicists, ensuring the company’s presence is presented in the right light. These professionals also do a lot of administrative work that includes filing and spreadsheets.


Personal assistants are responsible for managing their boss’ schedule. They create and organise calendars, arrange business trips, and run errands as required. Pas typically supports senior managers by offering administrative help like email management, drafting communications on their behalf, and organising meetings.

Project Manager

Project managers work within every industry imaginable. These professionals ensure that ongoing projects run smoothly. They’re also responsible for creating and delegating tasks. Project managers plan, organise, and direct the completion of projects. They also ensure these projects get done on time, on budget, and within scope.

Logistics Management

Logistics managers plan, direct, and coordinate departments such as purchasing, distribution, forecasting, and customer service. As detail-oriented professionals, logistics controllers ensure that operations between various departments run smoothly. LMs also supervise the movement, distribution, and storage of supplies and materials. They plan routes, analyse budgets, and process shipments, and form part of middle management.

Training and Development Specialist

Training and development experts spend the majority of their time ensuring that staff is up to date with company procedures. They also train teams to ensure they perform well in their jobs. These professionals can work in-house with various teams, or they can work as contractors within a variety of companies to help with training issues.


As you can see, there are many great jobs for Type A personalities that love organising and planning. Essentially, these personalities are determined to succeed in their personal and professional lives and don’t accept failure as an option. Jobs that require them to keep their eye on the prize are ideal for these personalities. After reviewing the list of opportunities, it is clear to see that Type A personalities thrive in managerial roles.

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