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Trimester two overview

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Your second trimester begins in week 13 and ends at week 28. During this time your morning sickness will ease off, and initially your baby will be small enough that your body won’t be in too much discomfort, earning this trimester the nickname of the honeymoon period of pregnancy. During this trimester you’ll probably tell your family, friends and employees you’re expecting and your tummy will begin to show – time to upgrade your wardrobe!

Your body during your second trimester

During the second trimester the pregnancy you’ll hopefully notice that your morning sickness is easing up and your energy levels should begin to rise. While you will be feeling better don’t put pressure on yourself to exercise or socialise more than you’re comfortable with.

This trimester your baby bump will go from barely noticeable to one that you may struggle to hide. Embrace your changing body and adapt your exercise plan to accommodate your baby, prenatal yoga and pilates classes are a great way to stay in shape, meet other moms-to-be and prepare for labour and delivery.

A growing belly and breasts, Braxton Hicks contractions and leg cramps are all common pregnancy symptoms you may experience during this trimester. Not only this but you may experience dental issues, sore and swollen feet, and an achy back and/or pelvis.

Your baby’s growth during the second trimester

Your little one does lots of growing during your second trimester, and during this time you’ll begin to feel them moving around inside your belly (this is also known as quickening). Not only this, but during trimester two your baby’s ears develop to the point that they can hear your voice and other external sounds. 

During the second trimester your baby’s eyes and ears become more developed and you’ll soon be able to find out their gender on an ultrasound (if you want to!). Your baby’s muscle tone is also improving, they’ll be swallowing amniotic fluid and their sucking reflex will develop – they may even suck their own thumb.

Important things to note during the second trimester

At week 19 to 20 you’ll have an anatomy scan. In this scan your doctor will be able to see how your baby is developing, and if there is anything unusual that would be cause for concern. During this scan the doctors will also be able to tell you the gender of your baby – if you decide to be told you can start thinking of baby names!

This trimester is also a good time to decide how and where you’d like to have your baby. Decide on if you like a hospital or home birth, and start putting together a birth plan.

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