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Since schools resumed for term 2, we have providing online education throughout lockdown from Grades 000 right through to Grade 12. Our teachers are well equipped to continue with the syllabus and have use the opportunity to be creative in providing a platform that is informative, interactive and fun through the learning process.

What ages does your online schooling cover?

Grades 000 to Grade 12

Are you taking new learners at this time?

Yes we are.

How are your online classes conducted? 

We use a combination of Google Classroom and Google Meet.

Are lessons conducted in groups or one on one?

Lessons are all age appropriate as we have the full range of ages. Some are real-time based classes as in the College. The Prep sets out work weekly and has videos and Google Classroom interactions during the week.

Is your school able to mark and report on students work submitted?

Yes. All work submitted is marked and returned to the students as usual. In the College, we also make use of – a Swedish system which allows for better online academic assessment.

Further information

We have had great success with our systems. We have exceed parents exceptions and the learners as young as Grade1 are interacting on Google Meet and Google Classroom and loving it.

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