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How to Treat and How to Protect Against Head Lice

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With summer season upon us, head lice will again be making their way into many homes. Thankfully, Controlice® helps moms to combat the infestations with a range of products designed to eliminate* and repel* head lice. All mom has to do is to decide whether she needs to eliminate or to repel head lice and then select the right Controlice® products for the job:

When to eliminate head lice:

When head lice are already in the hair, the clinically proven Controlice® Oil Spray or Controlice® Head Rinse are the best fit to eliminating the little monsters.*

Once applied to the hair, Controlice® Oil Spray only requires a 15 minute application to kill live head lice.  Controlice® Head Rinse requires an 8 hour application and is the best option for an overnight lice treatment.

Both treatments must be reapplied again seven days after the initial treatment because that is when the little lice eggs, called nits, hatch.

A Controlice® Lice Buster Comb or Controlice® Triple Comb should be used as a part of the treatment. These precision engineered combs can assist to remove nits attached onto the hair.

Tip: Rest the child’s head on a paper towel on mom’s lap and let him/her watch TV while mom combs out the nits.

When to repel head lice: 

If you hear that there is a head lice outbreak at your child’s school, or if you have managed to get rid of the little crawlers and don’t want them coming back, you can use the Controlice® Defence range on a daily basis. Controlice® Defence Shampoo or Controlice® Defence Spray are not suitable for eliminating a head lice infestation, but they can put up a line of defence to stop head lice from moving in.*

Controlice® through a magnifying glass:

Treating with either Controlice® Oil Spray or Controlice® Head Rinse Lotion and combing out nits

Controlice® Oil Spray. The clinically tested formula of Controlice® Oil Spray has been shown to combat head lice infestations. It is formulated with plant oils including coconut, aniseed and ylang-ylang. Controlice® Oil Spray can be used as a treatment whenever required as head lice cannot build resistance to the product.*

To kill adult lice, spray Controlice® Oil Spray onto dry hair. Work it through the hair with your hands until the entire head of hair is moist enough to glisten and feel slick.  Wait for 15 minutes. Comb out the lice and nits from the hair with the Controlice® Lice Buster or Controlice® lice comb. Wash and rinse the hair with Controlice® Defence Shampoo or another shampoo.  Repeat seven days later to avoid re-infestation.*

Price and availability: Controlice® Oil Spray is available from selected pharmacies and retail stores at approximately R158 for a 60 ml bottle, which gives two to four treatments depending on the length of the hair.

Controlice® Head Rinse Lotion has no chemical pesticides. Its active ingredient is dimethicone which forms a wax layer around lice that suffocates the lice to death.*

The colourless and odourless liquid is worked through dry hair with the fingers or one of the Controlice® combs, and left on overnight or for eight hours. Then comb out the nits (lice eggs) and dead lice, before washing and rinsing out the hair. Repeat the treatment after seven days.

Price and availability: Controlice® Head Rinse Lotion is available from selected pharmacies and retail stores at around R118 for per 100 ml bottle.

Comb out with Controlice® Lice Buster Comb or Triple Comb 

While treatment is on the hair, de-tangle the hair with any comb. Then remove the nits (eggs) and dead lice from the hair with one of the Controlice® combs. It is recommended that mothers invest in one of the two Controlice® precision engineered combs either the Controlice® Triple Comb or the Controlice® Lice Buster. The Controlice® Lice Buster Comb is designed for long, curly or very thick hair. The Controlice® Triple Comb is ideal for short hair.

Price and availability: Controlice® Triple Comb retails at around R83, the Lice Buster Comb at around R86, from selected pharmacies and retail stores.

Prevent head lice in the first place with Controlice® Defence Shampoo and Controlice® Defence Spray

 Controlice® Defence Shampoo is an oil-based formulation with active ingredients that can assist to repel head lice and avoid re-infestation.* It can also be used to cleanse and condition children’s hair and is suitable for daily use. Price: approximately R79 per 125 ml bottle at selected pharmacies and retail stores.

Controlice® Defence Spray is an oil-based formulation with active ingredients that can help to repel head lice and protect against a re-infestation.* Controlice® Defence Spray moisturises and detangles the hair, leaving it manageable and shiny. Price: around R79 for a 100 ml bottle at selected pharmacies and retail stores.

*For a diagnosis or if symptoms persist, consult a medical practitioner. Efficacy of support may vary between users.

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