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Top Websites Offering Online Classes to Boost Your Skills

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Want to expand your skillset but don’t have the time or finances? Since many professionals don’t have the luxury of time, online courses might be the next best thing! Shorter than postgraduate programs and typically self-regulated, online classes cover just about every topic and skill imaginable.

With a plethora of websites offering e-learning programs, the most challenging part about finding a great course is establishing which provider best caters to your specific needs. Adzuna recently compiled a list of resources that offer low-cost (and often free) quality classes on the internet. Here’s where to find what:

Top 10 Best Sites for Online Classes

#1 – Udemy

If you’re on a tight budget, Udemy should be your first stop. The website offers a range of cheap and free online classes, all taught by professionals and subject experts. From tech to business, marketing and HR, there’s something here for everyone.

#2 – Coursera

Coursera is an excellent option for individuals that want college-level educations without paying crazy fees to obtain their certification. On offer here, you’ll find courses in psychology, history, literature, and professional development. All online classes are developed and taught by professors at top global institutions, including the likes of Princeton, John Hopkins, and Stanford.

#3 – Alison

ALISON is an online education website that offers a wide range of free, enriching courses on tech, science, fin-lit, personal-and-soft skills, entrepreneurship, and languages, to name but just a few. From professionals and managers to teachers, there’s a course here that caters to every kind of student.

#4 – Udacity

If you’re into software development and need to equip yourself with a few shiny new skills, we highly recommend Udacity, a website that specialises in development. Udacity offers free courses in data science, programming, and web development. It also hosts a nanodegree program for those interested in mastering specific skills and pursuing full-time tech careers.

#5 – LinkedIn Learning

You already understand the importance and role LinkedIn plays in the business world, and now you can use the platform to enhance your skills too! LinkedIn Learning is home to thousands of business, design, art, education, and tech courses. You can sign up for a 1-month trial to give the platform a run for its money, and if it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time.

#6 – Skillshare

Skillshare is ideal for you if your day is crammed and you have limited time for learning. The website offers more than 500 free classes and also offers thousands of premium classes covering topics like film, lifestyle, writing, tech, and many more.

#7 – edX

edX is a lot like Coursera because it offers university classes in various departments and can help you get certified. From Harvard to Berkeley and the University of Chicago, this website’s online courses are facilitated by top talent from the world’s leading universities.

#8 – FutureLearn

FutureLearn offers classes taught by universities and organisations, and all its courses are free. Some of the most popular topics cover business and management, creative arts, science, digital skills, teaching, law, health, and politics.

#9 – LearnSmart

If you’re looking for the best place to take career development classes, LearnSmart is it. The website’s courses are all geared towards helping its students improve their careers. They cover topics like IT, data security, project management, human resources, and business skills.

#10 – Codecademy

As the name implies, Codecademy was made with future coders in mind, and they’re helping upcoming talent improve their skills for free. The courses here cover the most sought-after programming languages, including Ruby, HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript.


On the whole, there are many online classes that can help boost your existing skills. Aside from improving your skills, they can even help you master something you’ve never pursued before. We’ve roundup of ten of the best platforms for online learning in this post. However, if you’re still unsure where to start, you can always check out Class Central. This website will personalize your class search based on what skills you’re looking to gain and from whom.

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