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Top tips to be more productive at work

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Ticking all the items off your to-do list is one of the most satisfactory feelings in the world. But everyone struggles with productivity at one stage or another. If you’re feeling a little under-inspired, Adzuna has some great tips to help you be more productive! PS – It has nothing to do with working longer hours. The key ingredient to the secret productivity sauce is working smarter!

Get the task done and dusted ASAP

Starting a task and pausing just to get back to it later is a major time-waster. If you want to be more productive, it’s essential to deal with a task as soon as it pops up. Either do the task right away or pass it on to someone else, but never touch and go. Also, make sure you finish off each day with all prep for tomorrow out of the way.

For every minute spent organising, an hour is gained.” – Benjamin Franklin

Learn to say NO

The office “Yes Man” is always the favourite, but sometimes, the word “NO” is much more powerful. By always saying yes in an attempt to please everyone, you’re increasing your stress levels and working towards a burnout. Saying no once in a while will help you stay focused on your commitments and excel at what you do best.

It’s only by saying “no” that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.” – Steve Jobs

Take regular breaks

This one might sound a little counterintuitive, but taking scheduled breaks can help improve concentration. Research has shown that taking frequent short breaks during long tasks can help you maintain a constant level of performance. You can also use your break time to fit in some exercise, which enables you to be more productive. A quick walk around the office park could be all you need to clear your head and get you back in the game.

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” – Alan Cohen 

Use tech to your advantage

Technology is a major distraction for most of us at home and at the office. However, there are a lot of brilliant apps and platforms that can actually help you be more productive. Evernote, for example, syncs everything from your to-do list to your calendar and much more across all your devices. Technology can either interrupt or boost your productivity; it just depends on how you choose to use it.

The purpose of technology is not to confuse the brain but to serve the body.” – William S. Burroughs

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