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Top tips for Summer outdoor fun with your little one

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Summer has officially arrived in South Africa. With the heat, we all need a reminder on how to tackle hot days with little ones – it’s the handy hints from fellow moms that make beach visits or pool time a breeze with teeny tots. Su-Marie Annandale from Krayons – a brand designed specifically for kids – says that there are a couple of easy ways to make summer far more enjoyable for the whole family.

She lists the following handy hints for pool, beach time, or just a picnic in the garden:

  1. Start with zip-lock bags: whether its snack preparation (because a selection is always required), or just to keep things sand-free, zip-lock bags make life much easier. Pop your phone or camera in one too so you’re able to snap a few pics of your babes.
  2. A little known fact for beach visitors is that baby powder works like magic to remove sand from little one’s skin. Hold the sandy foot or leg in one hand and use the other to sprinkle the powder. Rub it in a downward action and voila! No more sand.
  3. As an adult, you might choose to leave your shoes inside or in the car, but the sand is very hot for tiny feet. Pop a pair of neoprene water shoes, or closed sandals into your bag for your tot.
  4. No beach umbrella can contain an enthusiastic little one. Opt for a beach tent in the garden or, on the sand, for much more coverage. It’s also great to demarcate a quiet area for nap time.
  5. Beat the heat between 10am and 2pm – take the time to have lunch and let them nap – go on your outing in the early morning or late afternoon.
  6. Stay hydrated! Be sure to keep offering your little one water, they will be distracted with playing; so, remember to offer water and even cold fruit to keep them hydrated and happy.

Of course, no summer day is complete without a splash. Bring a bucket outside and place in a shady spot. Your child will love the water play, hopping in and out of the bucket, and this doubles up as bath time. Grab a bar of dermatologically approved Krayons Baby Soap to gently wash sunscreen and grime off your little one’s skin.  When it’s time to head inside, massage a layer of Krayons Aqueous Cream into the skin to restore hydration and leave it feeling soft and smooth.

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