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Toddler Troubles And Concerns

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There are a variety of common toddler difficulties that child psychologists at Sandton Psychology Centre can assist with. Please be aware that some difficulties mentioned under these headings occur in all children and should only be an area of concern if these behaviours are excessive and “more than usual”:

  • Unwarranted tantrums which seem to get out of hand and where the child takes longer than usual to settle down. The child may also hurt himself/herself by banging their head against a wall, biting themselves and so forth.
  • Separation anxiety whereby toddlers have extreme anxiety about separating from a caregiver and don’t settle down well once separated.
  • Excessively fearful or frightened whereby a toddler may seem to have a specific phobia, such as being terrified of something specific such as dogs.
  • Aggressive behaviour or conduct that is uncontrollable, whereby a toddler fights excessively, and physically hurts others by scratching, hitting, pulling hair, throwing objects etc.
  • Sleep difficulties.
  • Excessive crying and seems unhappy most of the time or whines a great deal.
  • Significant ‘battles’ with parents and behaviour that is oppositional.
  • Elimination difficulties, whereby a child refuses to start going to the toilet, “holds everything in” etc.
  • Eating difficulties, such as refusing to eat and needing caregivers to feed them.

If you are concerned with your toddlers behaviour, please be sure to discuss it with your healthcare professional.

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