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Toddler chores

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Giving your toddler chores around the house from an early age will make it easier for them to complete tasks in future.

Here are some ideas for age appropriate chores for toddlers:

My 3 year old has set chores and she loves doing them every day! If I try and set the table there is a huge commotion. She also loves doing things for her baby brother like putting his milk bottle next to our bed, getting out nappies and wet wipes when it is time to change his nappy, choosing his clothes for the day and packing her and her brother’s creche bags away in the cupboard every afternoon. Her absolute favourite thing to do is feed her brother snacks, and it is very helpful as I can get the dishes done or start cooking a meal.

It is very cute to see how dedicated she is to her tasks. Of course it took a lot of time to teach her some things and very often she still makes more of a mess than cleaning up, like when she sweeps the floor there is more dirt all over the house than before. The point is she will learn how to do it properly in time and then it will be a great help to have someone else help with the household tasks.

Does your child do chores and what is he/ she responsible for?

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